April 21, 2024

I have decided to startup a newsletter otherwise known on the internet as an ezine. What I have found over the last few months is that the articles that I post are of interest to some people but probably not every article is interesting to everyone so what my plan is is to have this newsletter work as a wake up call and a jump start to let you get reinvigorated.

Here is what I plan to put in this ezine:

– Fitness Motivation articles
– Biggest news over the last while for fitness
– Cardio articles
– Weight training articles

As you can see this is going back to the basics that I started this weblog for and that was to help people get into and stay in shape. Many of us know exactly what to do but sometimes we forget to do it and sometimes we forget those little things that make a difference. For example last week I again started drinking a large large cup of water first thing in the morning, more like 3 or 4 regular cups and I again remembered and experienced how much more energy and concentration I had for the first couple of hours of the morning.

You can sign up for this new ezine on the top left hand side of the home page or off of any of the pages of the weblog here.

I hope you find the info great and please remember that I will guard your email as I guard my own and if at any time you get tired of my you can cancel as easily as you joined.

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