October 2, 2023

If you want to ensure a long life and healthy future for your kids, then you must feed him with only what nature offers you; I mean, without any kind of ‘tampering’ or ‘processing’. Nowadays, eating organic foods have almost gone out of fashion.

Adults no longer like to eat them, and children only follow the food and lifestyle habits of adults. Obesity is the natural outcome of following an ‘unnatural’ lifestyle. So, if you wish to get rid of obesity, go back to nature.

Teaching Kids Nutritional Foods

banana granolaWhile almost all parents out there support their kids financially and morally, rarely, if ever, do they provide proper nutrition to their kids. Maybe they don’t do it deliberately, but that doesn’t make them any less guilty.

You see, the main thing a body needs for survival is food: HEALTHY food, that is.

More often than not, when a child grows into an adult, he continues with many of his childhood habits. This means that if you fed him with junk and fatty goods during childhood, it is unlikely that he would ever turn to natural and organic foods later in life. This is why it is so essential to train your kids’ tastebuds with organic foods right from the beginning.

You have to keep in mind that obesity is just another disease. However, not all diseases occur because of microbial infections, and not all of them could be cured with antibiotics.

Teach Your Family Healthy Habits


You know, one of Nature’s laws is that in order to ensure a long and healthy life for themselves, all living beings on earth, including humans, need to eat pure food, drink fresh water, have a good and healthy sleep, enjoy the warmth of sunlight, breath fresh air, enjoy mental peace, etc. Nature’s law also states that every living being must move as long as it is alive.

But do we really obey nature as much as we ought to? Instead of natural foods, we eat junk and sugary foods all the time. We hardly get to sleep more than four hours per day, and that sleep is anything but peaceful.

Thanks to the ever-increasing storeys of office buildings and residential houses, and thanks to pollution, we are neither fated to breath fresh air nor warm sunlight. There are so many cool gadgets and machines available to do most of our manual jobs that we don’t need to move a muscle; as such, we hardly move our body.

All these issues result in disharmony and loss of equilibrium within our body and mind. Obesity and such other diseases are the direct result of flouting nature’s basic laws.

The solution, as I already stated above, is to go back to nature and follow its laws. Basically, do what you ought to do instead of doing what you are doing. I am confident that if you and your family follow nature and obey its laws, not only you but also your children would be able to stay fit and healthy throughout life.

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