April 24, 2024

A body scrub can make you look and feel better. The idea of getting rid of dead skin especially as sking is approaching will make you look healthier even if it does not actually really make you healthier.

Next time you serve fresh pineapple, reserve the rinds to use later in the shower to slough off dead skin cells on your elbows, knees and heels.

The unique enzyme found in pineapple, known as bromelain, has many important dermatological benefits. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it useful in soothing insect bites and minimizing unsightly bruises. For our purposes, bromelain’s enzymatic processes have an exfoliating effect which, added to the natural abrasion from the fleshy inside of the pineapple peel, works wonderfully in smoothing rough, calloused or flaky skin.

The optional almond flour/ground almonds also work gently to remove dull, dead skin cells, both through the exfoliating effect of their granular texture as well as through their relatively high beta-hydroxy acid content. Almonds are also one of the highest sources of vitamin E — an antioxidant that mops up free radicals while protecting other vitamins and nutrients from oxidative damage, allowing them to do their work.

Because pineapple is slightly acidic, this treatment should not be used on your face.

Pineapple rind, cut into wide slivers
Almond flour, prepackaged or finely ground almonds (optional)

Take pineapple peels — cupping rough side in your hand — and either using alone, or with a sprinkling of almond flour, rub the fleshy side of the rind on problem areas. Moisturize afterwards with a tropical-scented oil or cream to protect new skin and complete your spa experience.

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