May 24, 2024

We all know that positive thinking is good but I for one get a little irritated when I see people that apparently never have a negative thought, it makes me feel like they are tuning out some of the stuff in life just to make sure that they are not negative. I am probably not being fair though because one of the real reasons that people do not lose is because negative thoughts will cause them to fail before they even have a chance to lose weight.

Lets Get Positive about Weight Loss Now

If you really want to achieve any goal, you need to think positive. This is true not just of loss goals but of every type of goal you might have. Be it a business or a family goal, you cannot achieve it unless you succeed in overpowering negativity. Once you set a goal, there will be obvious roadblocks on your way in the form of negative thoughts and feelings that will make you depressed and de-motivated. Your job is to weed out those negative thoughts from your mind and replace them with positive ones.

When you launch your loss program your mind will become preoccupied with thoughts such as “I can never be slim'” or “I am not meant to lose ” or “I hate to do exercises”, etc. Instead of looking at your past thoughts you need to open up, you need to fight them. If these negative thoughts keep you from reaching your loss goal, you are not alone.

Why Being Positive Will Help You Lose Weight

Most people fail to lose because they start with a negative mindset; instead of thinking what will happen once they lose weight, they think about what MIGHT happen if they don’t. But then again, some of these people actually end up losing weight, when they decide to fight with these negative thoughts, when they realize that they deserve to lead a healthy life as much as others, when they realize that they can lose only by harboring positive thoughts in their mind.

In order to harbor positive thoughts in your mind, you need to think about the future: about the kind of life you will lead once you lose weight. For example, when you become slimmer, you will get rid of a host of diseases, appear sexier and achieve an increase in virility, or maybe that you will feel more comfortable with yourself, etc. Take a paper and pen and write down the reasons behind your desire to lose weight, and then stick it on the wall so that you can see it everyday! This way it will be easier for you to grab your negative thoughts by both hands and throw them out!

Be Positive Today and Start Losing Weight Today

It is a fact that most of us know how to lose but very few of us actually make the necessary efforts to put that knowledge into action because we don’t have the mental strength needed to achieve our goals. Once we start making an effort towards the achievement of a goal, we tend to get overpowered by demons such as anger, sadness and depression. Once you get control of your life and weed out those negative thoughts, you will see that losing is much more easier than you think!

5 thoughts on “Positive Thinking and Weight Loss

  1. Great article and thoughts in positive thoughts! For more compassion in that area, this new film, The Inner Weigh, takes the cake, so to speak! Take a look at the trailer now:

    I cried when I first saw it, and I’m in it (small part)! I just want people to know about this new vibe as it is so loving and non-judging.

    Kudos to everyone who is thinking positive and loving themselves more!

  2. Thanks for your article! I agree 100% with what was written. If we do not have a positive mindset then we will always remain at the same level. I know a few people who go to the gym, and try every diet out there, yet they never manage to lose any real significant life changing amount of . Why??? because of there negative mindset…. thanks so much for sharing!

  3. I believe that any loss plan works if you have the right mindset. Setting goals is a great way to start.I use positive affirmation audios when I exercise and I find that it has changed my negative thoughts to positive very quickly. I also try to absorb as much positive thinking material as I can get my hands on – life changing stuff!!

  4. Nice post here. It does make senses, appreciate for sharing.I totally agree. I have been in the fitness and loss industry for over 30 years and a positive mindset makes ALL the difference.

  5. I totally agree. I have been in the fitness and loss industry for over 30 years and a positive mindset makes ALL the difference.


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