December 10, 2023

Pregnancy and Smoking are very dangerous for you and your baby. Your doctor will have told you that pregnancy and smoking are not a good mix, if you didn’t already know. But at the same time you may know of people whose parents smoked who seem perfectly normal and healthy. Maybe your own mother smoked when she was pregnant with you. So what is the problem?

Unfortunately statistics show that if a woman smokes during pregnancy the baby is much more likely to suffer from certain issues. This doesn’t mean that every child will be affected in an obvious way. Maybe you and your friends escaped – but maybe you would have been even healthier if your mothers had been non-smokers. We offer doulas in Cincinnati, Ohio area.

Scary Pregnancy and Smoking Facts

The facts about pregnancy and smoking can be scary. The time when you are newly pregnant or thinking about starting a family is an excellent opportunity to stop smoking because you have this extra motivation. Your doctor and probably your family too will support you even more than they would at other times. Take some time to think about these risks if you are considering quitting.

The problems with pregnancy and smoking begin before you are even pregnant. Smoking affects fertility in both men and women, we recommend you to Buy Womens Supplements for Fertility Online if you are having issues with this. So if you both smoke and you want to start a family, it would be a great idea to quit together now.

Pregnancy and Smoking
Pregnancy and Smoking

How does smoking harm a fetus? From the moment of conception, the growing fetus is nourished by nutrients and oxygen passed to it in the mother’s blood through the placenta. Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood and replaces it with poisonous carbon monoxide, so less oxygen reaches your baby. At the same time, some of the other toxins in smoke are carried in the bloodstream and can affect the healthy functioning of the placenta.

Because of these factors, there is more chance of something going wrong during the pregnancy. The issues with pregnancy and smoking mean that women who smoke are more likely to have a miscarriage or a baby who dies in the womb.

Facts about Pregnancy and Smoking

If the baby survives to birth, some of the effects of pregnancy and smoking on a newborn include

  • lower birth
  • more chance of premature birth
  • twice the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (‘cot death’)
  • twice as likely to be hospitalized in the first 8 months of life
  • more likely to suffer from ear infections, bronchitis and other diseases.

But in the end it is your choice to quit or not. Nobody can force you to quit, nor can they do it for you. The more you smoke, the greater the damage to the baby, so if you just reduce your smoking it is better than doing nothing. But the best thing is to quit.

Imagine if you could easily use the same method that allowed Paul Peyton, a heavy smoker for more than 14 years, ? to permanently quit overnight… Wouldn’t that be wonderful?Well, guess what – you can. In fact, ANYONE can do it.

But first, you need to understand where you’ve gone wrong in the past… Treating just the physical addiction to smoking. But it can only be removed completely by using targeted psychotherapeutic techniques. NOT by ignoring it and hoping it will go away. And CERTAINLY NOT by throwing even more nicotine at it, in the form of patches or gum. You MUST deal with BOTH parts of your addiction the right way, or you will keep getting those cravings forever…

Specific, step by step instructions ? we show you exactly what to do, so nothing is left to chance. You choose the timeframe ? implement the method at your own pace, as you feel comfortable. Tried and tested method ? this cutting-edge method has been successfully used to cure thousands of happy ex-smokers. Permanently removes your mental dependence at the subconscious level ? resulting in a permanent end to mental cravings.
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If your pregnancy is stressful for any reason, it may seem like a difficult time to stop smoking. Remind yourself that nicotine is not helping your stress, it is contributing to it. It only seems to help because your body has become addicted. If you can get through the first couple of weeks without cigarettes you will find that you are much more relaxed. It is worth doing this for the sake of your baby if you can, because of the negative links between pregnancy and smoking.

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