February 28, 2024

One of the great things that we do in our house is something I would like to share today.

Fruits and veggies are a big deal in our house and we eat a lot of them. My wife and I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables but of course our kids will choose what to eat based on what we give them as well as what they see from our habits.

Getting Veggies into the Kids

veggiesSo to make sure our kids eat lots of fruits and vegetables we buy vegetables once a week on Sundays and fruit twice a week, usually Wednesdays and Sundays.

The plan as you can see from this picture is to wash and cut the veggies right away.

What either my wife or I usually do is to soak the fruits and vegetables in a mixture of water and some vinegar for about 20 minutes to wash off all the dirt, wax, and pesticides.

After this we dry the fruits and veggies and then we cut up the veggies and package them up in a container and then we have them already for the fridge and kids lunches.

I know that most kids have issues with vegetables but fortunately ours have been no problem and having the easy access to those vegetables makes it very convenient and the kids will grab them anytime.

Fruit Washing and Kale

kaleAs for the fruit, I am really bad for not cleaning my apples or pears so cleaning the fruit as soon as we get home makes things really easy for me.

And this is just a picture of Kale. We bought a couple of bunches of Kale yesterday and I was a slack ass about washing it so I wanted to show off that I did wash it in the end.

I washed and broke up the kale and then put it in a big baggie so that I could store it in the freezer for smoothies as the week goes on (PS: It worked terribly, don’t freeze wet kale.)

This is just what we do at our house and it seems to works well for us but I am always looking for more tips.

I really really think that the best way to eat better is to make sure that food that is good is easily accessible and food that is bad for you is not readily available.

I am the worst person for making sure that I eat well and given half a chance I would tend to eat badly so to avoid it I make sure that I put the best food in front of me and if I do want bad food then I make sure I have to leave the house to get it

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