May 24, 2024

A few months ago I rolled out a series of emails that people could subscribe to for free. You may have seen the sign up form on other pages of this blog but I wanted to remind you about it now that spring seems to be poking out around the corner and so many of us are thinking about improving our fitness for the summer.

The series of emails comes every second day for 21 or so days and each day is dedicated to something different. Everything from eating, cardio, weights, water, protein, sleeping, how to get more energy, and even the attitudes that will get you in better shape.

I am pretty proud of the series of email and the creation was in part because I thought it would be nice to really cover all the bases in a short period of time. The time to act is now and I hope that you take the opportunity today to check this out as sign-up

If you would like more information on the emails and even sign up you can find more by signing up below.

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