March 5, 2024

I have written a few articles and posted some stuff in the past on starting a detox cleanse and what are available and how they work but I have never gone down the road of doing a detox cleanse as the Master Cleanse always seemed a bit to hardcore for me. I like to eat but understand that a detox cleanse should be good for getting rid of toxins in my body

Starting a detox cleanse
Starting a detox cleanse

My wife has been talking about doing some kind of a cleanse over the last few days as it seems to be all the rage and some people seem to be jump starting a loss with it. So on the weekend we went to a health food store, and then the GNC store that sent us back to the health food store and good a cleanse to get us started.

Starting a detox cleanse

Well to start with we had to decide what kind of cleanse we wanted to do. although I feel like I am in pretty good shape the last thing I really wanted was to be sitting on the toilet for a week so the lady at the store told us to do either a 7 or 15 day starter detox cleanse. We picked the 15 day.

Yesterday was the first day of this starting a detox cleanse. You simply take 2 pills in the morning 30 minutes before you have breakfast and then take two different pills in the evening 3 hours after your last meals (tough for me, no more snacking).

I did well yesterday although I had a bit of a headache over the day, my wife though got dizzy in the afternoon and the effect did not go away until later on in the evening. My wife has now bailed on the cleanse right now but I am still solid, a bit of discomfort for long term better health is ok in my book.

What kind of Detox cleanse to start

The changes that we are supposed to make in starting a detox cleanse are just to avoid dairy, sugar, and flour. So far I am doing ok for that we will see how the sugar urges go as I have radically cut down my sugar and I am sure having more fiber and regulating my blood sugar should be an easy win health wise for me.

I hope that this cleanse will result in a boost my energy throughout the day. I am not looking to lose any by it and do not know how in good conscience people can say that a detox cleanse can result directly in weight loss. I am also hoping that this cleanse helps me to feel healthier and more alert with better concentration.

I will post my progress as I go along and let you know how things are progressing. I like the idea though of starting a detox cleanse

3 thoughts on “Starting a detox cleanse

  1. I thought you were supposed to avoid red meats and basically any foods that contain preservatives? I am about to start one (have never done it before) so i’m reading up as much as possible so that i do it correctly, but i still have quite a few questions. If anyone knows of a particularly good website that might be helpful i would appreciate it 🙂 from what i’ve gathered so far i am to sustain from eating milk and dairy products, red meats-b/c of the hormones that cows are given? And to only drink spring water (not from the tap, more chemicals right?) – and fresh fruits and vegetables in the juicer-organic-no citric fruits and lots of green leafy vegetables. Any other tips on food that i can eat? It was also suggested that you refrain from using personal products that arent all natural? Shampoos, deoderants, toothpaste, etc.?

  2. Sounds like you are talking about a colon cleanse. It’s always a good idea to start a detox diet with a bowel cleanse as you need to get the toxins out as fast as possible. If your system is slow than they can get reabsorbed which overloads the liver the organ that helps to transform toxins so they can be eliminate.

    People lose on detox diets because they are not eating all the high calories foods they were eating before. In the long term the detox will help to get rid of the chemicals that interfere with control mechanisms.

    1. I ended up quiting the cleanse after 5 days as I was constipated. I wish I would have seen this tip earlier. I will have to try the bowel cleanse. I eat a lot of fiber in my diet and take in lots of fruit and vegetables so my bad reaction to the cleanse was very diappointing for me and near the end I was drinking more water than ever ni my life, and that is saying something, just to try to get things moving along

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