May 18, 2024

Last night my son asked my “Why does the first song I hear in the morning stick in my head all day?”. Well a lot of us probably hear the same thing if we get woken by a clock radio or listen to music on the way to work.

The fact is that what you do first thing in the morning can catapult you into starting the day on fire or make you feel like you are just struggling to get through the day.

Would you believe me if I said a lot of it is in your control?

When we wake up in the morning our mind is a blank slate. There are not needs, no dreading, no attitude, no real thoughts. As we get our eyes open and stumble out of bed though we get our bearings and start to think of whatever hits us first.

I’m Tired,

I am thristy,

I am hungry,

I have to go to work.

Instead of starting our day this way we should start programming ourselves for success in the day.

Have a notepad beside your bed and write down a few things that you are thankful for, think about or write about the things you are most looking forward to.

Stretch yourself out a bit and maybe go out and walk around the block and just start thinking about the great things that happened yesterday and what you want to accomplish today.

Does that sound strange?

What we usually do is obsess about all the bad things that might happen. We start trying to counteract the world and trying to stop ourselves, or avoid getting ourselves, into trouble.

I know from lots of experience that as I start the day that I have momentum by the time I hit the door to the office. I have had an hour to set myself on a path that will likely direct my day.

When you get into work, or start getting the kids ready for school, or whatever it is that you will start the day with you will have some kind of momentum already and if bad things or good things are going to hit you then mulling about them for an hour will not help, instead make sure that you are mentally and physically ready.

How to get ready for anything

Well once you have started your self-programmed day you can get yourself out of bed after that bit of thankfulness and excitement

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