May 25, 2024

Anyone that has watched the Survivor TV show knows that starvation will help you lose weight. Anyone that has seen a season finale of the Survivor TV show knows that after you starve off the you will put is back on again, and fast.

Well the people that make and market Survivor have decided that they can branch out into foods and diet products. We will have to see where this leads.

CBS Consumer Products has signed at least two new licensing agreements for the Survivor brand that will move the long-running reality show into the realm of health and fitness — with the potential for “many more” product opportunities, Daily Variety reported Wednesday.

Survivor Supercharged Sunflower Seeds are scheduled to hit the shelves in March and the Survivor Fitness Program will launch later this spring in Chicago, according to Variety.

Survivor is part of the lexicon now here in the United States,” CBS Consumer Products executive Liz Kalodner told Variety. “We can translate it into any product or experience that is about challenging one’s self, or the ultimate outdoor experience. Both of these new launches play into that.”

Full Charge Energy Foods concocted the vitamin-infused sunflower seeds, which will be supercharged with 100% of the daily recommended portion of vitamins B and C, according to Variety. The Survivor Fitness Program was created by Fitness Team One and will reportedly utilize “Survivor-style game elements and physical challenges” to help participants live a healthier lifestyle.

Kalodner told Variety she’s also finalizing deals that will create Survivor-themed outdoor adventure programs and corporate team-building/leadership development plans.

In addition, Survivor camping gear, active-wear clothing and more energy-based food products could be on the horizon, Variety reported.

“We’ve got a lot of irons in the fire,” Kalodner told Variety. “You’ll see a lot more along the way.”

2 thoughts on “Survivor as a diet program?

  1. Wow, anything to make a buck. lol I do like the idea of the survivor camping gear, can’t wait to see what they come up with. I don’t know how I feel about the energy foods and healthy living, not really what the show is about and what makes them experts. Camping gear I can understand.

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