February 28, 2024

and the best ways to get rid of a sunburn but now that Summer is here and I really do get concerned about the people that read my suntanning articles.

I worry that people will get sunburned, I know that people can easily get skin cancer from overexposure to the sun but also I remember how hard I tried in my late teens and twenties to get the best suntan possible with the skin type that I have.

Careful in the sunGetting a Great Suntan

I have written before about the best way to suntan These sun worshipers bake themselves carefully and with proper apparent care.

They are careful to turn and twist their bodies in a way best calculated to get an even, rich suntan over as much of their skin as possible.

They slather themselves with the latest lotion that promises to keep out harmful sun-ray effects and most importantly guarantees a deep tan.

“Ah, it feels so good,” they say. And I, with a trace of the sun worshiper still in me, agree.

  • The warmth feels like a balm.
  • Vitamin D is brought to the body by the sunlight’s effect on the skin.
  • The pimples of acne can diminish or disappear when the sun’s ultraviolet rays play upon them.

Any teen-ager who winces with pain of sunburn when clapped on the back can testify that the extra time in the sun is never good. For everyone there is an amount and degree of sun beyond which danger lies.

Even a person who tans readily and easily may get harmful changes in his skin if he has too much exposure.

Every year doctors’ offices receive a crop of acutely sunburned patients. Many people have ultrasensitive skins and should not keep trying to tan, because the blisters and the peeling and the pain will happen every time.

sunburn preventionA few individuals must try to avoid any exposure to the sun’s rays. Albinos need the protection of long-sleeved and trousered clothes, plus wide-brimmed hats, whenever they venture out into the sunshine.

Such uncommon illnesses as hydroa estivale and lupus erythematous make people particularly sensitive to the sun’s rays. In these conditions sunshine can act as a poison to the body.

A few individuals are even allergic to sunshine and get bad reactions from any exposure to it.

Prevention Of Sun Burn

Falling asleep in the sunshine is a dangerous thing to do. Even if the sun is behind a cloud, enough of its rays can filter through to cause a severe burn. Whether one is asleep or awake, his skin reaction is never so severe during the exposure as it will be hours and days later. Caution and moderation can prevent hours of pain and misery.

Tanning lotions are of some help in preventing painful burns but they should not be relied on completely. If common sense isn’t used on the beach or the tennis court, sun oil or cream will not save the day.

Mild burns from the sun are relieved by vaseline, olive oil, cold cream, or other soothing ointments.

If the skin is quite painful, cool compresses or baths of oatmeal solution or baking-soda solution (a teaspoon to a cup of water) may bring relief.

If blisters form, they should not be punctured. Infection may result. If the blisters break spontaneously, sterile gauze bandage should be applied.

If the burn affects the deeper layers of skin to cause blistering, a physician should be consulted. A doctor’s advice should be sought if the burn is severe enough to cause chills, fever, or general signs of illness.

4 thoughts on “Taking care in the Sun

  1. Was searching for something about suntan exposure, and then saw your article Taking Care in the Sun. Great info on the prevention of the sun burn.

  2. I have always had trouble with the top of my feet getting burned. i somehow forget to lotion up that area. ouch does it hurt when you have to put shoes on a burned foot.
    i can’t believe that in the 70″s we did not use lotion but baby oil . how stupid was that?

  3. That is a good point about the sun being behind a cloud and still getting burnt. I find especially if it is windy and you don’t feel that hot, that is the easiest time to get a really severe burn.

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