April 12, 2024

The Bowflex Body PlanWho hasn’t seen the infomercial on BowFlex, an ultra muscle-tightening, -reducing, cable-bending workout machine that looks like it takes a rocket scientist to assemble?

Well, here’s that infomercial in book form-with a number of additional features. Darden, who has a doctorate in exercise science and is the former director of research for Nautilus, extols BowFlex’s benefits and describes exercise routines designed to improve weak arms, flabby stomachs and sagging rear-ends.

He also offers a muscle-promoting diet, a plan for “superhydration,” several motivational pep talks, testimonials and a question and answer section.

For owners of the machine, the manual is a must-have; for those pondering an investment in the machine, Darden’s treatise-which makes the Bowflex sound like the greatest thing since sliced bread-will probably have them reaching for their wallets. 60 black & white photographs Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division (more…)

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