April 12, 2024

In this article I am going to tell you what I actually do to keep myself fit. My advice has helped thousands of men and women lose and become slim. The reason behind this is that unlike other experts, I actually say what I do in real life, and I don’t suggest the impossible. So let’s get started: I am sure you are very curious to know the techniques.

Three Ways to Eat Better

1. I have scrambled eggs for breakfast: As a rule, breakfast should be the most important and nutritious meal of the day, and what could be more nutritious than eggs? Plus eggs are my favorites. An important rule of loss is that while you should always eat healthy, you should never eat anything that you don’t like, because often this has the opposite effect on a person’s health.

So what I do is just scramble three or four eggs and chop up some yellow onions. I add the yellow onions in the eggs, and it really makes for a delicious and nutritious breakfast for me. Sometimes, if I am too hungry, I add some black beans to my meal.

Now, if you don’t like the taste of scrambled eggs, you can always add one tablespoonful of sour cream as I do.

2. I have black beans at lunch: Now, let me clear up one thing for you: I don’t eat just black beans for lunch; what I mean is that I make sure to always include black beans in my lunch along with other foods. As a matter of fact, there are three main benefits of eating black beans:

  • They are high on protein, so they help me build strong lean muscles. Lean muscles in turn, help me burn fat and lose weight.
  • ¬†They are high on fiber, and as such, I can control my hunger for a long time.
  • They are quite affordable.

Again, if you don’t like the taste of black beans, you may add 1 tablespoonful of sour cream to it.

I usually pack at least half-a-can of black beans for my lunch. I also eat meat: be it lean chicken meat or ground beef.

broccoli3. I have broccolis for dinner: Now, I don’t have any hard and fast rules with regards to dinner. Sometimes I include lean meat or tuna fish in my dinner; at other times, I include eggs, my favorite food. But regardless of whatever else I eat, I make sure to include broccolis in my dinner meal.

I agree with you that the taste of broccoli is not pretty good, but then again, you can use the same solution I talked of before: add one tablespoonful of sour cream and an equal amount of honey mustard barbecue sauce to it.

If you follow the above diet regimen then that day is not far when you would lose all of your tenacious pounds, get rid of fat belly, and acquire sexy curves which you could flaunt on the sea beach.

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