March 2, 2024

Fiber 35 DietI was in the bookstore with my daughter last week and ran across a book called the Fiber 35 Diet and flipped through it. To say the least the book is interesting.

The Author, Brenda Watson, has beased a whole diet around the idea that most people simply do not get enough fiber in their diet. I think I probably get enough fiber, maybe 20-25 grams a day but brenda would like to see us at 35 grams of fiber a day instead.

So I am snickering to myself in the bookstore that someone has actually written a one trick pony book on how to get more fiber in your diet. Actually in looking at the Fiber 35 Diet there is a lot more.

The basics of the diet are that you take your current diet and slash 1000 calories from your daily intake. You then make sure that you are splitting these calories into 5-7 meals a day, and finally you make sure that your calories are actually in the range of 25% protein, 25% fat and 50% carbohydrates.  After 2 weeks of this diet you simply raise your calories by 500 calories a day to get to a more reasonable caloric intake.

For most people I think that the diet proposed is a radical change and a very healthy one at that.

So you have a book, the Fiber 35 Diet, that is setup with the following

  • Why to take in more fiber, what fiber is good for
  • What you should eat
  • A comprehensive diet plan
  • A bunch of recipes and sample menus.

I wnet from snickering to being really impressed. Even though the book seems to be simple enough it is a great resource that teaches you more then you would ever know otherwise about fiber as well as having a plan and meal ideas and even a lot of recipes.

I  can not remember how much the book was over at the bookstore I was in but just noticed that the Fiber 35 Diet is going for just $7.99 at Amazon, which in my mind is a steal for all of the info and reminders that you will get from this book.

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