May 19, 2024

What you are looking for fast loss secrets? Can you really lose as much as five pounds of solid fat in just seven days? Sounds unbelievable I know, and that is because you have been taught over and over again by the so-called ‘ loss experts’ that you cannot lose more than two pounds of fat week.

However there are certain underground loss tactics which, unknown to many, could accelerate the loss process to such a high level that you would find it difficult not to lose at least five pounds of fat in that same week, if not more. So how do you do it? Well that is what this article is all about! Read on to find out the loss secret.

Fast Weight Loss Secrets

Fast Weight Loss Secrets
Fast Weight Loss Secrets

Oh okay I probably forgot to mention that you can lose by drinking one of the most delicious drinks out there! If that doesn’t sound exciting to you, I don’t know what else will. This is a great fat loss secret that you don’t tend to hear.

1. Green Matcha Tea: You have surely heard about the tremendous benefits of green tea with regards to weight loss. It is a known fact that green tea not only helps you lose by boosting your metabolism but also acts as a natural appetite suppressant. Now if you add a bit of Matcha Green Tea powder to it, the effect could only be mind blowing! Why? Just like the famous acai berry, matcha powder is also rich in antioxidant.

While it is true that green tea itself is rich in antioxidants, you could make the situation even more favorable for you by using the dual strength of green tea and matcha powder to make the Green Matcha Tea! Green Matcha Tea is obviously more powerful than plain Green Tea, in that it helps you burn fat unlike any other loss super drinks you might be familiar with! Try it, and I am sure you would not only like its fat burning capabilities but also the delicious taste!

2. PGX: Carb blockers serve a very important function: that of preventing carbs from getting deposited in your body as fat and making you over. Carb blockers do this by binding themselves with the carbs your body receives from your food. PGX is one such carb blocker. Even if you don’t eat sugary foods at all, you still need this because even natural foods contain carbs in varying degrees. It is also a good remedy for those who are suffering from Typetwo diabetes. All in all, it is an indispensable tool for your arsenal!

3. A diet that makes you burn fat and lose : In case you are curious, it is called the ‘calorie shifting’ diet. Calorie shifting is a technique which doesn’t believe in focusing on any single food group; rather it burns fat by making you consume foods of different calorie contents. In effect, you are not limited to eating just ‘low-calorie’ or ‘low-fat’ foods all the time.

Studies have pointed out that when you vary your calorie consumption level instead of restricting it to one fixed percentage, your body has no way of knowing whether to keep your metabolic rate high or low, with the result that it would keep your metabolic rate high at all times just to be on the safe side!

Do I need to tell you that the higher your metabolic rate is, the faster you burn fat and lose ? The famous diet program Fat Loss for Idiots is based solely on this ‘calorie shifting’ method of dieting, and no wonder it has so many raving fans around the globe! If you haven’t given it a try yet, I highly recommend you do!

So now that you have some fast loss secrets it is time to start doing them.

7 thoughts on “Three Fast Weight Loss Secrets

  1. I agree that there are no positive results when you go into crash diets. Just as the words suggests, your health will crash when you go into diets as such. I do believe however that drinking green tea is effective as I have used it as well and derived great results. Acai berry is also a power food and rich in antioxidants which is great for one’s health.

    These are great tips! Keep it coming!

  2. I drink my Matcha before I go jogging. Waiting to see the results. I do find that I have alot of energy when I run. I buy mine from I haven’t found any other place that is cheaper.

  3. Love the post! Don’t forget to do lots of interval training if you want to burn tons of : 35-55 minutes a day or more!

  4. I drink green tea. But, I’ve never heard of Green Matcha Tea. I will look for it when I go to Whole Foods next. Thank you. This will be useful in the next site that I am building as well.

  5. Of course there are many myths exploited all over, and not just on the internet about loss. But recognizing the situation being so does not make the extra disappear all by itself.

    Another fact is there are a lot of traditional medicine that have been dealing with loss and diabetes for centuries. My belief is that one should not stop trying new things to help lose since because there are known frauds out there, because there are also many unknown possibilities used for centuries but taken seriously because alien to our narrow minded culture.

    Acai berry is one of those unknowns. Matcha tea may very well be one also. There are others because humanity has been suffering of obesity all the time it was not starving.

    You would be surprised about all the smart things our scientific geeks are discovering right now about the benefits of the “simple” green tea the Chinese have been drinking for 4,000 years!

    It’s like something invented by rocket scientists in NASA!

    Reading about green tea, it seems the Chinese had been right for 4,000 years. Fascinating!

    I think the fraudsters will get out of fashion relatively soon. Many efforts are being deployed to solve this obesity problem in industrialized countries. And now we are listening more.

  6. I have to agree with Jane. The internet is filled with crash diets that just simply will not work with over the top claims that make loss sound so simple. The tips you gave however really do work. I recommend tip one and three the most. Tip number 2 is still really good but just remember that not all carbs are bad carbs. Calorie shifting is really the way to go if you want to lose effectively in the shortest time. The thing I love the most about it is that your using your own body to burn the fat!

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