May 18, 2024

There are some who think they cannot get fit unless they hit the gym regularly.

They think that one can become fit only when surrounded by an assortment of flashy workout equipments and a huge crowd jostling with each other in the battle of fitness.

Then there are others like me who think that true fitness can only be achieved in one’s own home, since no other place could be more comfortable, warm and peaceful.

Cardio Exercises at Home-Weight Based

Getting fit with home based weight workoutsPersonally I have more than one reason to prefer home-based weight workouts. You see, I am a guy who prefers to workout at flexible hours to me.

I cannot hit the gym everyday at a set time because of my busy schedule and hectic lifestyle. Therefore, a home-based workout suits me best.

I can workout even while watching television or listening to my favorite music on my cell phone. And yes, I hate crowds.

As a matter of fact, many gyms work on outdated fitness principles and philosophy. Just like science, the principles of fitness also changes with time, but very few gyms are able to keep themselves up to date with the knowledge.

Even if you hire a personal fitness trainer, there is no guarantee that you would learn all the latest and greatest fitness tricks from him.

I have been fortunate enough to discover two easy ways to get fit and healthy in no time, all the while staying within the comfort of my home.

I am going to share those three tips with you in this article.

1. Save time by doing high intensity workouts: Many people are afraid of doing high intensity workouts because they feel these workouts would break their bones or worse, kill them outright.

Then there are others who believe that doing low intensity workouts for a long period of time is much better than doing highly intense workouts for a much shorter period. I would say that both groups of people are wrong.

Many people start weight based workouts by learning to have a long workout with lots of sets and lots of breaks, this leads to a more low intensity workout that will not push your body hard enough and . But, if you really want to get fit, then low intensity workouts won’t be able to help you.

This is the reason why I recommend that you select only workouts of high intensity, and lower your rest periods. This would ensure that you get fit in the shortest time possible.

2. Set time-specific goals: Another way to get fit quickly is by setting your actual workout session against a very tight schedule and increasing your rest period.

This is one unique workout method that I can guarantee is not taught in many gyms. Under this method, you can pick up any three high intensity workouts you choose, and do each one of them for 30-40 seconds.

After you are done with one workout, rest for about 10-20 minutes. What you are doing here is: you are giving very little time to your workouts compared to your resting periods.

When you are racing against time, your workout regimen would look much more exciting and challenging than ever. Keep in mind that a human mind gets bored with routine jobs, but would any day pick up something challenging and interesting. This principle equally holds true for workouts as well.

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  1. i m 23 years old nd my hight is 4.9inches and my is 47 kgs. i want reduce my and increase my highy at least 6 to 7 inches is it possible to anyway.

  2. Try drinking Honey with Luke Warm Water everyday on an empty stomach in the morning.,.. You will definitely lose … 🙂

  3. well I am 15 and Im 4’11 and I weigh 127:( Ive tried to exercise but I just keep gaining :/ I cant stop eating cup of noodles either I need on how to lose some I have a very special event to go to in a MONTH!! please if anyone can give me some tips it would be helpfull

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