May 24, 2024

While training is very important for overall health and fitness, lifting heavy weights can put a lot of stress on your body. Even when maintaining the correct form and technique, accidents or injury may happen. That is why many strength training instructors recommend the use of training accessories. Accessories for strength training can make your workout safer and more comfortable, thus enhancing the effectiveness of your workout.

Lifting Gloves

A good pair of lifting gloves is one of the most basic training accessories that you need. Lifting gloves help make your strength training exercises more comfortable. They can help you avoid blisters and calluses. Gloves can also help prevent your sweaty hands from slipping off barbells or dumbbells while lifting.

Gloves for training are usually made of leather or synthetic rubber such as neoprene. These materials are breathable and prevent sweat and heat from building up inside the gloves. Lifting gloves that are machine washable are ideal for easy maintenance and hygiene.

Weight Lifting Straps

Another important training accessory is lifting straps. Straps can help you avoid dropping the barbell. These training accessories are worn on the wrist and wrapped around the barbell or dumbbell to help you maintain a good grip on the bar.

Weight lifting straps can be helpful if you experience pain when doing arm curls or if you have sweaty hands. However, some experts discourage overusing training straps as your natural grip may grow weaker if you rely too much on them.

Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps are different from lifting straps. Wrist wraps help support the wrist when doing presses, such as bench press or military press. These training accessories help prevent wrist or elbow pain that sometimes happens during pressing movements.

Wrist wraps are inexpensive training accessories and can help prevent wrist and elbow injuries.

Joint Straps

If you have weak or injured knees or elbows, straps may be able to keep your joints from becoming hyper-extended. Wrap the joint straps around your knees or elbows to prevent injuries. Knee wraps can be helpful when doing squats and are especially helpful for power lifting.

Weight Training Belts

Weight training belts help to protect the lower back as well as the muscles of the entire upper torso. This popular training accessory also supports the sides and prevents twisting or bending incorrectly. Weight training belts are particularly helpful when lifting your maximum weights.

Fitness experts discourage frequent use of a training belt, especially when lifting weights below your maximum. Limit the use of a belt to your heaviest sets when doing deadlifts or squats. Keep in mind that you do not need this training accessory when doing curls or rows.

Proper Use of Weight Training Accessories

Weight training accessories can help make your workout safer and more comfortable. However, you must learn how to use these accessories correctly. Get the advice of a gym instructor on the proper use of strength training equipment and accessories. When used in the right way, training accessories can enhance your workout.

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