May 24, 2024

I am not sure if you have heard, but the great modern fitness trainer Bob Harper suffered a heart attack a couple weeks ago.

“The Biggest Loser” trainer is currently undergoing his own health crisis: Harper, 51, experienced a serious heart attack two weeks ago, and has been quietly recovering.

Bob Harper’s mom┬ápassed away several years ago from a heart attack. So he is well aware how close and dangerous heart problems can be in his own life,

According to the American Heart Association, children of parents with heart disease are more likely to develop it themselves. Men have a greater risk of heart attack than women do, and are more likely to experience attacks earlier in life.

Don’t worry, Bob Harper is recovering well as you can see from this tweet

This is amazing news most people would think. Bob Harper is not only a TV fitness trainer on the Biggest Loser but also is a big fan and competitor in Crossfit. This guy is in fantastic shape.

So you have to ask, How can Bob Harper have a heart attack?

Well from his own words it seems that there is more to health than just exercising and eating right. Bob has a history of heart problems in his family. A genetic problem like this can affect anyone, no matter who it is. I would bet that Bob will argue until he is blue in the face that the best bet in anyones life is to eat well and exercise to avoid a heart attack as well as to avoid other disease and live a life of great health



Poor Bob Harper, I remember when Biggest Loser first started he was everyones favorite trainer. Bob always wants to be friends with the contestants, he cares how they feel and most of all Bob really wants to see everyone do well and feels hurt himself when people struggle with weight loss.

Well this year it looks like the tables have turned. Although the Biggest Loser couples would not have seen this last season when Bobs team did not do well for the first time since the Biggest Loser started but the producers of the Biggest Loser moved even farther into showing Bob Harper teaching the crew about Yoga and meditation. . Bob says that once you are in control of your mind then you will be able to lose the . I totally agree with Bob but it seems this seasons team has had a bit of a shift in focus. Everyone wanted to train with mean old Jillian.

I have lost count of the number of people that have lost over 100 pounds on the Biggest Loser, there have probably been more then 10 so far. The Biggest Loser is definitely a numbers game and now instead of just hoping to lose a lot of the contestents are a bit scared that they will not be able to keep up.

So here is the decision in the head of a person that starts on the Biggest Loser. I can train with Bob, he is a nice guy and will help me lose or I can train with that pit bull that is Jillian. I better pick Jillian so that I can lose the for sure.

I know that it is not fair, Bob Harper has always been the star of the Biggest Loser because he has gotten results out of people while at the same time building them up to be emotionally better then before. I know from watching the show these past few years that he pushes people in the gym and kitchen as hard as Jillian and is successful at doing so,

If I was on the show I think I would pick Bob to be my trainer. Lets see which trainer wins this season.

8 thoughts on “Bob Harper Heart Attack Scare

  1. I completely agree with Claudia! I have MS and exercise has always been a struggle with limitations! I would LOVE to see a season of BL handle issues of disability!

  2. I believe that all the trainers on the show are great. Here is a question for anyone that has tips. I’m a 17 year old girl and I 90 pounds and I would like to gain a few pounds.

  3. Hi there; I am a enior 68 yrs young but I have Parkinsons and I would love to be able to run howecver
    that can never be so I was wondering how Bo or Jiillian would train me and others like me. I would so liketobe able to have someone train me so that i could look better in my clothes and especially if it would stop me from falling.
    I am very fortunate I don’t have any tremors just walking is a problem .but only on certain days it is worse than others. What days are different ? It’s not like I can tell in advance so as to plan my activities its whatever it is when I get up usually I know if it’s a good day or not so good . BUt if its good enough for Michael J Fox then its good enough for me anyway if you could convince your bosses to look at a biggest loser for handicap people I would really like to be a part of it . People with M.S. Parkinson’s,
    muscular Distrophy etc. thank you in advance.i never miss an episode Claudia Adams,
    Nanoose Bay B.C. Canada

  4. I know that Bob Harper:Has to be a very wounderful trainer for evryone out that wants to loes and.Would like for Bob to be there trainer.Bye Dione Michele Barclay.4:29PM.

  5. I think Bob is terrific. I think Jillian is terrific. They both are unique and offer a different view on the ways trainers can act. No one person works out the same way and can expect the exact same results as the person standing next to them. They often require on the intuition of their trainers to “know” what type of motivation is going to work for them. I honestly think that I would benefit greatly from working out with either of them on any given day. But I must say that I do NOT envy any of the contestants that get to “pick their trainer” on that first day. I would have to stand there until someone picked me up and put me somewhere!! A superb show with a wonderful message…….ANYONE can become healthy!! Good luck to anyone out there who might be reading this who is working towards any personal goals. Whatever it is, as long as it’s better than what you’re doing now, is worth it!! God Bless!!

  6. Love Bob, however, you really need to exercise more than your body. You need to exercise self control. I’m sure your job can be very frustrating, but you are supposed to be the example for the people there who look up to you. When you demonstrate an inability to control yourself, what are you telling them? My kids love Biggest Loser, but when we have to ask them to leave the room because Bob’s going to drop an “F” bomb a dozen times, something’s seriously wrong. Praying for you, my friend.

  7. I know Bob is a wonderful person, he seems tender and yet works his people hard. I think they have Jillian to be tough because that is what people want to see and I think she is just as kind under it all but it told to be tough that is my thinking on the whole thing. I do not like the cusing that goes on during the show, to me it is a family show and what is this world comming to with all of that. I guess it is what the people want but during family time? I understand it is bleeped out but the children are not stupid. my son knows just what she said even if it was bleeped. My thought is let them be kind people. Don’t get me wrong I like Jillian and Bob and Kim where ever she is and I think they do a wondreful job with training people.

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