October 3, 2023

If you are looking for a free online workout, the good news is that there are plenty of sites offering free advice on exercises that you can do as part of your workout. Some describe the exercises in words with illustrations to show you what they mean. It is best to find a site that offers photos at least, because it is hard to follow a workout from just reading a written description. Even better, you can find free workout videos.

In the last few years there are more and more videos online. Some of these are hosted by sites like YouTube and others are videos of individual trainers that you will find on their own websites. In fact, you can find a video of just about any exercise that you can name.

One problem with YouTube is that it can be difficult to create an actual workout that covers all you need. You have to know what separate exercises to look for, and then put them together to create a routine. You could easily miss out some major muscle groups that way.

Also, remember that videos on YouTube and other websites can be put up by anybody. It could be some guy or girl who knows nothing about training or workout routines. These days anybody with a digital camera can have a friend take a video of them doing some kind of workout routine that they think is cool. Just because you see something on the internet does not mean that it is useful or even safe.

Of course there are also plenty of exercise DVDs that you can buy and in fact these have many advantages. For example, they are usually made by well known trainers or celebrities who have a reputation to protect. You can be pretty sure that a commercial DVD will not be produced by some kid who knows nothing about exercise, because it would not cover the costs of production.

Another advantage to a DVD is that you can play it on the TV. For most people this means that you get to see them much bigger than you can on a computer screen. You would have to have a pretty small TV for that not to be the case.

So if you pick up an exercise DVD, you can probably see much better what the people in the video are doing. Sometimes that is hard to do with a computer, especially with a site like YouTube where the videos are pretty small. In fact, when you watch a free online workout video, you often have to watch it several times over to memorize what they are doing, and then go ahead and do it by yourself without looking at the screen. Often this means you have to stop in the middle of your workout to go see what you have to do next.

Clearly, this is not an ideal situation. You do not get a great workout that way. So most people prefer a DVD that they can play on the TV, instead of a free online workout.

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