May 25, 2024

Benefits of smoking are the only thing that keeps anyone smoking these days. Non-smokers and smokers alike may wonder why people smoke. It has been proved over and over to be a very unhealthy thing to do, both for smokers themselves and for those who are subjected to secondary smoke. In this article we will look at why people smoke as well as why it is so hard to quit.

Benefits of Smoking?

There are two aspects to the question of why people smoke. The first is why do people start, when they know that it is unhealthy and a difficult habit to break. The answer to this is that most people start smoking as teenagers when they are likely to want to push boundaries and do a lot of unhealthy things. Being still young they do not consider the future as much as an older person would.

They do not think they will get addicted, and they think they will be able to quit later, which is true if they do not die of it first, but they do not think about how difficult it will be, or the damage to their health that they will do in the meantime – or they do not care, because they are only concerned with what is happening right now.

The second question is why do people continue to smoke? Why is it so hard to quit? Why do some people quit for a while and then begin again, even though they would say that they don’t want to?

Apparent Benefits Of Smoking
Apparent Benefits Of Smoking

The answer to this lies in the addictive qualities of nicotine. Smoking is not just a habit, as many non-smokers believe. Nicotine is a poison but like many recreational drugs it is something that you want more and more of until you become dependent on it. The body neutralizes its poisonous qualities by adapting to them (although they can still have long term health effects). So then when you suddenly quit, your body has a bad reaction and sends out panic signals telling you to please provide some of that nicotine again, fast.

Another reason why people smoke is the perceived psychological ‘benefits’ that many people experience. Maybe deep down a person likes to be thought of as a risk-taker, a ‘bad boy’ or girl. These factors are often motivational when a person starts to smoke, but they can also explain why people smoke many years later. A person aged 50 may feel that they are young and rebellious again every time they light a cigarette – and that can be a powerful feeling.

Why People Smoke at Work

At work, smoking can give you the excuse for a much-needed break from the office environment every hour or two. Smokers usually enjoy getting together with other smokers and they may chat to people that they would not otherwise have any contact with. More importantly, they probably have friendships, family relationships, perhaps even a marriage, with other smokers. They are afraid that they may lose those people if they quit smoking. This fear may be unconscious but it is still there, pushing the person to keep on smoking.

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So there are many factors that may seem like benefits to smoking. They motivate smokers to continue. Often, the smokers themselves are not aware of them. If you are a smoker wanting to quit, one of the best things that you can do is to sit down and make a list of the benefits that you get from smoking. Be specific: name other smokers that you like to spend time with, for example. Then think about how you can achieve those aims without smoking. Looking at why people smoke – and especially, why you yourself smoke – can actually help you quit.

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