April 24, 2024

As a guy that smoked for years (really, even before and after workouts when I was younger), I know that quitting smoking is tough.

I tried a couple of times unsuccessfully and for years I felt like it was a real failing of mine that I just couldn’t quit. It was like I was living a double life between fit guy and smoking guy,.

Anyway. I finally quit cold turkey about 15 years ago now and it really did change my life, I have to say.

I also followed the following steps that can help you too.

10 Tips to Help You Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is tough to do to say the least but there are a few things that you can lean on to make things easier for you. Here is a selection of 10 tips to help you to quit smoking.

Tips to help you quit smoking

1. What makes you keeps smoking? Write down those times that you have the urge to smoke before you quit. This way you know what situations to avoid when you do quit.

2. Look around for as many support people that have quit before that you can. Other peoples quitting smoking success can help you out. Go and solicit advice from those that you know that have quit before you. Was it nicotine gum, the patch, willpower?

3. Tell your family your plans to quit smoking. The very best support will come from home. Have your family treat you proudly for quitting smoking.

4. Throw away those smokes and clean everything that smells of smoke. When you are quitting smoking the last thing that you need is stinky clothes and ashtrays around, and access to cigarettes.

5. Make a list of reasons to quit smoking. Look at it every time you have a craving to smoke.

6. Keep your hands and mouth busy. Have lots of fresh fruit around to chew, start doodling and get a puzzle or two. Keep busy and make sure that you keep busy all of the time.

7. Drink lots of water. I am a big fan of water but you should really make sure to be detoxing your body with lots of water.

8. Start and exercise program. Why not try to make a lot of changes in your life all at once. Quit smoking and increase you health changes by exercising and taking advantage of your new healthy lifestyle.

9. Buy yourself some new things to prove to yourself that you have turned the corner. Make a lot of those changes that you can see all of the time. New clothes, new books, new food and drinks in the fridge. Forget the smokes and use these instead.

10. Buy any books or other support items that will help. The very best thing you can do in the end is engross yourself in anything that will support your new lifestyle change. Read quitting smoking books, watch inspiring videos, get all of those pieces of support that will help you in your weak moments after you quit.

5 thoughts on “10 Tips To Use Today To Help You Quit Smoking

  1. ill try it again,.. actualy i already did try to quit smok many times but look wat happen?? nothngs change,… please do help me how it really works

  2. When I stopped smoking I did it by telling everyone I knew that I was going to stop…I had no choice but to stop as Id made it very public that I was going to stop…

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