March 2, 2024

We all know that our diet plays a huge part in our fitness but did you know that what you eat can radically affect how good your workout is?

Usually I eat to optimize my workouts, I don’t eat to lose weight or restrict my calories, but there are different seasons of the year and different priorities depending on the season.

Here are 10 great workout nutritional hacks brought to me thanks to George at Home Remedies for Life. I will let your read through them and then comment at the end.

10 workout Nutrition Hacks that will Supercharge your Workout

As you can see from this infographic it is critically important to look at your eating before and after your workout.

I love these workout nutrition hacks as they really help you to see going from before through to well after your workout what you should be eating.

I know that when I am getting ready to go to the gym I make sure I have some carbs so that I will have energy but of course also I make sure not to eat too much as bloating will really slow me down in the gym as well as make me feel sick during a really tough workout.

After my workout I am really conscious of the post workout metabolic window and although the science is not really strong either way, I always feel that I am so drained after a workout that I really want to make sure to get some easy to digest food into me to tide me over until my next meal.

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