March 5, 2024

There is an 11 day diet plan out there that you have probably seen ads for for many years now and that is Fat Loss for Idiots.

The ads for the diet promise that you can lose 9 pounds in 11 days and I know that this sounds a little unrealistic. so I wanted to set the record straight.

So here is the scoop on the 11 day diet

First of all the diet is not really an 11 day diet it is actually a diet where you follow the diet for 11 days and then you take 3 “cheat” days, these three are days off of the diet where you eat normally.

What is the 11 Day Diet?

fat loss 4 idiotsThe 11 day diet is created using an online diet generator that you input your favorite and most hated foods and the generator will create an eating plan for you of foods that you can buy at the supermarket and prepare at home. Cheap and simple

The idea of doing a diet this way is that you will force your metabolism up and restrict some calories for the first 11 days of the diet and then during the three days off your body will think everything is back to normal.

The problem with most diets is that they teach you how to eat less and then your body thinks that you are starving it and slows down your metabolism to make sure that you survive (your body does not care that it may be over).

This is itself the reason that you have low energy and concentration while on a calorie reduced diet.

Exercise on the 11 Day Diet

The other factor to the 11 day diet is exercise. There are two kinds of people, the ones that like to workout and those that do not like to. I myself like to workout and know that most people are not the same as me.

The 11 day diet will ask you to go for a 30 minute walk everyday but nothing more. I do not think of this walk as a big exercise issue but it should be a relaxing way for you to start your day or a way to end your day with some nice quiet time or time with a friend.

How The 11 Day Diet Works with your Metabolism

The other important part of this exercise is that it also fakes out your metabolism to go stronger. Exercise will raise your metabolism for up to 12 hours after you exercise so this will be really good for you to do

So now you know. Fat Loss or Idiots is not some miracle, it is based on some science.

Finally although you are unlikely to lose 9 pounds on each of these “diet cycles” unless you have a lot to lose, you will instead be getting healthier and eating the way your body likes to be fed.

To learn more you can read the review, and more importantly the user comments that I did a while ago on this 11 day diet plan.

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  1. In the “11 Day Diet” article on the Fitness for Life website, there’s an embedded link for the Online Diet Generator. However, when I click on it, it takes me to another screen, but that page doesn’t contain the online diet generator. How would I go about accessing that?

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