December 10, 2023

I just read on Google that the top search for diets this year was the 5 bite diet. And this has to be the stupidest thing ever.

Dr. Alwin Lewis created this diet and for this diet alone he should probably lose his medical license. The idea is that you have water and coffee for breakfast, five bites of something for lunch (maybe a chocolate bar…seriously), and then 5 bites of food for dinner. Oh, and it is important to take a multivitamin.

This would add up to something like 300 or 400 calories a day plus a vitamin and a lot of water

I would like to explain a few of the reasons that this is the Stupidest thing I have heard in a long time.

What is Wrong with the 5 Bite Diet?

I just read on Google that the top search for diets this year was the 5 bite diet. And this has to be the stupidest thing ever.First of all the idea apparently behind this is that intermittent fasting is a good thing. I have to agree with that. But this is not intermittent fasting at all.

The idea behind intermittent fasting is that you do not eat for 14 hours of the day and then you eat for the remaining 10 hours. So don’t eat after dinner and then eat a late breakfast, a real breakfast though not five bites of food.

The creator of the diet says that you should not go on this diet long, but people will get used to stupid things and continue if there is any kind of support for it. Listen, if your friends try this do not support them!

Next is coffee for breakfast, Coffee? I like coffee as much as the next guy, maybe more, but coffee with the caffeine on an empty stomach is going to give you the shakes, that is why the ECA stack that was so popular years ago added aspirin, to calm that twitching and shaking from the caffeine.

Next 5 bits for lunch – you finally take in some calories. But you have almost no calories in your system, you have only had water and coffee during the day and no you will have 100 calories or so. Whatever calories you get are going to spike your blood sugar quick and then crash it just as quick so you are going to feel sick from you little snack.

I don’t want to continue this tirade any more but just a couple more things…

the great Dr. Alwin Lewis says that you should not get your BMI (a measurement I hate already) down below 18.5. So lets say I get my BMI down to 19. That means that what I think my healthy weight of 190 would actually be 140 since I am 6 feet tall. I can only imagine how emaciated I would look. Like one of those thinspo models on Tumblr.

And finally, about exercise. No exercise ideas. That means maybe you do or maybe you don’t. As your metabolism craters and you have no energy you will try to walk or run but you can’t. Is this supposed to be a vacation from exercise. Just don’t eat and sit on the couch?

Anyway, to be clear, I like a diet of some kind. The kind of diet that gives you meat and fresh veggies. Food that nourishes your body instead of overfeeding it and living a fun and active lifestyle. Extremes for a short period of time are great including a day or two of fasting but the 5 bite diet is none of this and flys in the face of any sensibility. This is dangerous, misleading, and the worst lifestyle decision anyone could make

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