May 24, 2024

Holiday gain is almost inevitable. In fact, you would need to be a staunch, self-disciplined, health-conscious individual to be able to avoid the temptations of cookies, candies and alcohol at parties. In fact, the ‘food season’ starts much before Christmas – usually from Thanksgiving Day.

From Thanksgiving Day to New Year, people stuff themselves as much as they can with all of their favorite foods. A bite here, a bite there and then more bites follow.

All this while the individual keeps reminding himself that even if he gains some extra pounds during this time, there is nothing to worry about as he would work very hard after the New Year to lose all that extra weight.

Truth to be told, you CAN lose holiday weight within just a few weeks, provided that you make a little effort and are determined to reach your goal.

Get Those Workouts In Again

why cardio workouts are important for menThe first thing you need to keep in mind is that no matter how busy you are, you should continue with your regular workouts. If you haven’t exercised ever, start doing it right now, and continue doing it at least throughout the whole holiday season – up until the New Year, when much of the ‘food craze’ usually dies away and is replaced by a new craze: the craze of loss.

If you workout regularly then you would not only be able to lose weight, but also have very little chance of gaining either. However, to be on the safe side, I would suggest that you focus on the intense workouts which help you burn a lot of calories within a very short time.

On one hand, you would spend very little time on your workout regimen and on the other, these intense exercises would help you burn calories even at rest.

There is no excuse for deferring your workouts or taking a sabbatical from your exercise regimen simply because it is holiday or that you don’t ‘feel’ like working out, or are too busy with shopping and writing and sending out party invitations. Keep in mind that health always comes before everything else, and nothing but your health should always be your number one priority.

Keep Your Diet Strict Except A Cheat Day

Just because it is holiday season doesn’t necessarily mean that you would throw all dietary cautions in the wind; but at the same time, you also won’t want to deprive yourself from the fun and enjoyment of this period. What I recommend is that you eat healthy foods for at least six days pf the week and then use the next day as the ‘cheat’ day.

Now how would you choose this ‘cheat’ day? If you have a party to attend to soon, just plan things in such a way that you attend it on your ‘cheat’ day. That way, you would be free to indulge yourself in all the delicacies available to you: candies, cakes, eggnog, you name it.

Keep in mind that one day of indulgence won’t hamper your health or make you excessively over, provided that you don’t eat the same bad foods throughout the whole week. Even if you gain , it won’t be much and you would easily be able to lose it within a short time.

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  1. This is the best diet I have every been on. It is the Total Health package! My sister and brother-in-law have did this diet successfully as well. Thank you soo much for getting this info out to all people!

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