March 5, 2024

This is a post that I have written also for my new Family Vacation blog about eating when on vacation.

Vacations are marred by bad eating and not only bad eating but usually our daily schedules are thrown out the window.

When you are away from home it is very common that you eat based on hunger and snacks are almost always bad food. Both of these are very bad and there are ways to avoid it. Last month while on vacation my family was able to conteract this bad eating structure by planning all of our meals and snacks and here is how:

Eating on Vacation

travelKitchenette – The hotel we stayed at had a kitchenette and this was easily the best way that we were able to avoid any eating issues. Kids are terrible for not wanting to eat when it is time to eat and then being suddenly starving. With the kitchenette we were able to prepare probably about half of our meals and warm up other meals as well.

Bag o’ snacks – I was the designated backpack carrier and we followed a process that we also used in Disneyland last year of keeping snacks and bottles of water in the bag. Although initially the bag is heavy, over the day the kids are force fed water and eat apples and nectarines and other healthy snacks. Not only does this keep the kids fed but they are happier with a more balanced blood sugar as opposed to just pushing pop and sodas into them all day.

Eat in breakfast – Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but the kids sometimes do not care. We never leave the hotel room until the kids have eaten some food in the morning. Given the choice the kids would grumble, complain and ask for whatever snack they could get. The problem with going out for breakfast is that most restaurants give you too high a fat meals and the kids don’t really want a big meal anyway. A big waste of 40 bucks for a family meal.

Initial run to the store – As soon as we get to a location I go out to the store for supplies. a 24 pack of water, some bread or buns, some fruit if affordable and snacky stuff for the kids. In Waikiki we had a store across the street but it was really expensive so we ended up getting food from a WalMart in town instead.

There are many things that you can do when on holidays to both eat better and save money. When traveling I always want to save money if I can but more importantly going to restaurants is a recipe for disaster. I have even heard of friends going to Hawaii and the kids getting sick from eating too much fast food, they ended up getting a kitchenette the next time.

4 thoughts on “Eating on Holiday

  1. That is a great idea. Actually anytime that you have control over when and how your eat versus letting luck get you food is definitely going to lead to better eating decisions

  2. Great tip about eating breakfast before leaving the hotel! Another thing I like to do while on vacation is carry around a big bag of non-salted nuts. Helps fight hunger and avoids the bad snacks

  3. My wife likes all of the ideas because our kids always complain too much and we needed to come up with a process so that they would be cool, not hungry, not thirsty and enjoying the days out on vacation

  4. all FAB points.

    this is such a lifestyle huh?

    when I do the aforementioned and my extended family is along for the trip they think Im **CRAZY**


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