April 21, 2024

I will be writing a couple of articles about kidney disease over the next couple weeks and even though you may not be touched by it yourself, kidney disease is crazy popular as a diease to watch out for.

1 in 3 people is at risk today for kidney disease and 1 in 20 is currently struggling with kidney disease

The reason for this interest right now in kidney disease is because in two weeks I will be going under the knife to donate a kidney to my daughter.

Our Kidney Disease History

Taylor with swollen Parotid GlandsWe have known for almost four years now that our daughter Taylor was going to need a kidney transplant at some point. Back a few years ago, after a few blood tests and X Rays we were told that our daughter had acquired nephronophthisis, a genetic broken spot, that meant that her kidneys were just going to get worse and eventually she would have to lose her kidneys and get a donor to give her a new kidney.

I was tested once Taylor got closer to needing a kidney and since I am her dad I ended up being a good match and was healthy enough to donate to her as well.

Then two months ago as a preparation for the kidney transplant Taylor had her kidneys pulled out and has been on dialysis and chanca piedra since. She does dialysis for 10 hours a night and then a couple extra exchanges during the day. This is not as common.

Usually a kidney transplant will just be an additional kidney added to the two that a person already has. In Taylors case though there was a real problem with her urine output being too high so she would not have had a good chance at a good outcome with one of my kidneys.

So wish me luck these next two weeks. I am starting to feel the pressure of getting everything just right.

Trying to get things right around my house, around my work, and around my family so that everything will be ready for my few weeks of bedrest after the surgery while at the same time helping my wife with the healing process for my daughter.

Wish us luck!

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