April 23, 2024

The South Beach diet is a diet that is based around eating good carbs, or the right carbohydrates.

– It is not a low carb diet as it is often described as by some people.

– Although it can be difficult making such a drastic change to your diet, eventually you will become used to the new diet plan.

– The South Beach diet states that you should eat until you feel full.

– Phase 1 is the first two weeks of the diet and is the strictest part

– Phase 1 allows less foods compared with the other phases

– Phase 1 of the South Beach diet usually results in loss

– Bread, rice, pasta and potatoes are avoided during phase 1 as are sweets, fruits and baked goods.

– Phase 1, particularly the first few days, is considered the most difficult part of the entire diet.

– Alcohol is not allowed during phase 1

– The first 2 weeks involve eating high fiber foods including low fat cheese, nuts, vegetables, fish, lean meat, chicken, eggs and low fat yogurt.

– Six meals per day are allowed during the south beach diet. These are smaller meals and consist of 2 snacks, 3 main meals and a dessert.

– Vegetables are low on the glycemic index so can be consumed without limits.

– The Glycemic Index is the secret behind this diet. This is the measure of blood sugar in your body as affected by food.

– If you need sweet foods consider Jell-O cups and other sugar-free gelatin foods.
– You will no longer crave sweet foods and bad carbs after phase 1

– Reduced-fat ricotta cheese provides a good substitute ingredient for many recipes. You can find some Dr. Agatston using this cheese.

– Your body gets a fresh start when you stop eating bad carbs and sweets as there are no more insulin spikes

– It takes around two weeks to go on to phase 2 so that burn out does not occur.

– Forbidden foods may be eating in moderation during phase 2.
– Phase 2 will see a slow down of loss

– The maintenance phase of the South Beach diet is phase 3. You can now eat what you want whilst watching your

– You can start phase 1 again if you start gaining during phase 3.

These 22 facts about the South Beat diet provide all you need to know about this highly effective and safe loss diet.

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