October 3, 2023

There has been a diet floating around for many years called the 3 day diet. It is crap and promises a 10 pound loss but is in truth a lie. I have thought a bit about this and decided to come up with my own 3 day diet.

Why Use a 3 Day Diet?

Have you ever thought of going on a 3 day diet? I was just surfing around and found that there are people looking for something of a short diet. If you were to do a three day diet I fear that you would not lose a lot of but you would have an opportunity to get in better shape by eating better and concentrating on some of those fundamentals of good eating and good metabolism tricks.

So here are some ideas that I have for how to do a 3 day diet. 3 day diet

First as you get up in the morning on the first day remember that you will be trying to do a couple of things. You will be looking to space out your eating for the entire 3 day diet and you will be looking to improve your water intake to help fill you up.

3 Day Diet Step 1 – Eating

First thing to do is to drink a lot of water. In the 3 day diet you will likely be drinking three or four times as much water as you are used to drinking. This morning you will drink three glasses of water and no food yet. This extra water intake will mean that you are going to peeing a lor more often than you are used to but that is ok as well, your body needs to relearn how to regulate hydration better.

Most people say that you should have a good breakfast to start the day. I have to agree that this is a good idea although having food first thing is not a very good idea as your body is not ready to understand hunger yet, especially after drinking all of that water.

You can use the same strategy as me and wait 30 to 60 minutes until your body has really started to churn through that water and then my favorite breakfast is to eat a pack of instant apple and cinnamon oatmeal and then a banana.

I know this seems like a small breakfast but that is part of the trick. As you go through this three day diet you will find that you are eating probably the same amount of food but spaced throughout the day so each meal will seem small and you will not feel hungry because you get to keep eating often.

3 Day Diet Step 2 – Eat Often

Most people on the regular north american diet will eat one or two giant meals and another small one. This is a terrible way to treat your body, it can’t use those giant meals very well and your blood sugar is being shot up and then dropped down again.

We should call regular eating the wrestling diet since it seems to being your blood sugar up off the top rope and then bodyslams it to the mat below. In your 3 day diet you will be eating a lot better than this with a bunch of small meals that will keep your blood sugar balanced.

So on my 3 day diet you will be eating at 8:00, 10:00, Noon, 3:00, 5:00, and 8:00

I will not tell you exactly what to eat as that would not be fair. What I suggest is that all of your meals should have some protein, some fat and some carbs and should satisfy you without making you full. The first day will be very difficult as you will be so worried about eating small meals that you may eat a bit much and then a couple hours later you will not be hungry but will still be eating. So since this may be a radical departure for you I have just a few rules to make the 3 day diet work better and be easier.

1. No meal can be big. Dinner is as big as breakfast which is as big as a mid afternoon snack.

2. Eat at least 5 pieces of fruit or servings of vegetables in a day

3. Drink a large glass of water 30 minutes before each of your meals

4. Eat some kind of serving of meat 2 to 3 times a day. If you are a vegetarian then just make sure that you are eating lots of protein based foods often every day

5. Write down your foods everyday and then in the evening journal your victories as well as your mistakes and how you want to eat better the next day

Serving Sizes on a 3 Day Diet

After your third day of this 3 day diet you are going to find that you are not scared of your serving sizes anymore and you are also going to feel a lot better. There is a great improvement in health, concentration, energy, and attitude when you are drinking more and self regulating your blood sugar.

The other great thing about this kind of diet is that you are going to be able to improve your metabolism as your body will not fear that it will be close to starvation at any point of the day. I hope that after you have tried this three day diet that you will go ahead and start it right away again.

This in not just a good idea for three days but instead this 3 day diet is a great way to change your lifestyle for the better.

13 thoughts on “3 Day Diet

  1. I have been looking into certain diets and foods for the past 3 weeks in order to have the best advantage in starting my healthy eating plan i require to loose about 140 pounds in order to bring me down to my ideal but after joining your link and finding this i believe i can do this now and the motivational items you send to my e-mail are a good kick to make me realise just how hard it is gonna be but i am the only one who can make me fail. so thank you and i am gonna give this everything i have. i will also send this onto other i know who have struggled with their and hope they find it as inspirational as i have. Thank you. Rose x

  2. I agree with the 3 days diet but it is not complete without the continues exercise.The most important thing in the whole process that we didn’t realize,how to make sure our body maintain the amount of water.THANK YOU for the great advice to reach my target.

  3. This three day diet is great, thought-provoking and inspiring! It is really useful because it educates us a lot learning and does correct our wrong practice on eating and dieting. Drinking water is one secret tips onto losing as it flushes toxins and excess fats of yours.

  4. It’s really about changing your lifestyle around…and making it a habit to eat healthy. You should make gradual changes when it comes to any new eating plan that you decide to try.

    Sometimes all it takes is less that a week to change the way you think about food. Find out how this can not only help you lose , but help you change your emotional life also.

  5. Agreed for Water , But what ill eat.. From Tomorrow i want to loose atlleast 5 KG till December. Give me Proper diet but of Home made.

  6. The 3 day diet is one of the most popular short-term fad diets around today. It is just simply a low calories limited diet over 3 days and it is due to a sudden drop in calories which some of this may be fat but most will be from water loss. I have gone through the above article and found few rules to make the 3 day diet work better and be easier. I just want to clear my doubt i.e. after we follow the given rules for the 3 day diet, what will be the result on the 4 day and do we need to follow the rules on the 4 day or carry on with the normal food? When the result of 3 day diet will appear on our body?

  7. I like it. I hope you reach many with this diet. I hope you know how important this information is. Just think, if 100 people get this and change to a healthier life style. Over the next 30 years, you could be talking of saving the health care system millions.

    Most Americans don’t realize how much they impact the medical delivery system. One hospital stay can be over $100,000. If we don’t use it it’s a savings.

    Thanks for the 3 day diet.

  8. I’ve never heard the 3 day diet promise 10 lbs of lose in one week, but I have used the 3 day diet and have had great results. It is a gradual loss over multiple weeks, and works best if used for 3-4 weeks at a time, but could be used weekly. It aslo helped myself and others that I work with have better self discipline and also eat in smaller portions on the off days. I do like the ideas that you suggested as well and will use some of them on my off days.

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