April 23, 2024

The fitness industry is replete with theories, some of which are facts while others are myths. You should separate the facts from myths to ensure that you reach your fitness goals quickly and easily.

In the following article I will tell you about the top two fitness myths. It drives me crazy when I hear things that are obviously (to me anyway) wrong but at the same time they are very commonly heard.

Weight Loss Pills Will Lose Weight For You:

Diet Pills

Different people consume diet pills and loss supplements for different reasons; some do it to lose weight while others take them to ensure that they never gain in the first place.

In either case, if you are not doing anything else for fitness apart from consuming these pills and supplements, you are merely fooling yourself and wasting your money.

Some facts about loss pills and supplements:

a) Even though some diet pills are rich in vitamins and minerals, they are no substitutes for a healthy diet. If you eat only junk foods then these pills alone cannot keep your body healthy, and an unhealthy body cannot be fit.

To ensure permanent fitness, you should eat mostly wholesome fruits and vegetables. These foods, apart from being cheaper than their junk counterparts, are also very nutritious and would keep you fit and healthy all the time.

Plus, being low on calorie content, they won’t make you fat either. Talk about a win-win situation.

b) Many of these diet pills have side effects. That is why most diet pills and supplements are not approved by the FDA.

Whenever you notice those hyped ads about diet pills on your television screen or at the front page of your favorite magazine, make sure to read the “fine print” which contains warnings and disclaimers regarding the usage of such pills.

Basically, if you suffer from any side effect as a result of consuming those drugs, you are on your own.

If You Work Abs, You Will Lose Fat Quickly:

Crunches-SitupsWrong. Losing weight is a function of burning calories, not making your muscles stronger. In fact if you strengthen your ab muscles you will actually have your fat sticking out a bit more.

What you have to do to lose fat quickly is to do cardio and weight workouts, called HIIT workouts. to burn lots of calories and keep your body guessing.

If you keep on doing the same workout day after day, your body soon gets accustomed to it.

When your body gets accustomed to a workout, it wouldn’t burn fat at the same speed as before.

The ideal way to burn fat is to do a variety of workouts; this way, you would not only manage to “confuse” your body about your workout regimen but also be able to burn fat from all parts of the body.

With such a workout regimen, you would have no problems burning fat fast.

Plus, when you try out a variety of workouts and alternate between them, you are unlikely to become bored with your workout routine.

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