May 24, 2024

An ab workout is a workout where you are working all parts of your abs. Most people after they have dropped their weight down to a good level are interested in getting 6 pack abs and there are two things that will control whether you have a 6 pack or not.

1. Your diet and fat level – You need to make sure that your diet is good and no matter what you do if you have even a fairly thin layer of fat on your midsection then you will not be able to see those awesome ab muscles.

2. Your Ab Workout – You ab workout will consist of the exercises to the upper and lower abdominal muscles as well as the sides or oblique muscles

In this post I wanted to concentrate on the ab workout and what kinds of exercises are important to do to make those abdominal muscles stronger, bigger and show through more.

Ab Workout Parts

ab workoutUpper ab workout – To work the upper abs you need to lift the upper part of the body. Common ab work out for the upper abdominal muscles would be the crunch or any other exercise where you are lifting you upper body off of the ground from lying down position. Do three sets of 20-30 reps twice a week.

Lower ab workout – To work the lower abdominal muscles you should do some kind of leg raises including alternating bicycle type raises which have you lying on the ground and then alternating bringing your knees up toward your stomach. Do three sets of 20-30 reps twice a week.

Oblique workout – Your obliques are on your sides right beside your stomach. To work the obliques, the best exercise that I have found is to stand straight up with your feet shoulder length apart and your hands behind your head and then just do a side bend with your legs straight.

If you do this correctly you will find that you are moving your body at the hips, not swinging your hips. Do this for three sets of 15 reps for each side and as you get stronger you can work out oblique muscles with a little more weight.

Be careful as strong obliques will make your waist wider which is something most people want to avoid.

What else for an ab workout?

So there you have it. Although there are some other minor things like working your traverse abdominals and cardio for supporting muscles I think you have a good core here of Ab workout ideas.

An ab workout is not difficult and you will get stronger abs quite quickly but be aware that to really get a six pack abs you will need to do your ab workout as well as get your bodyfat very very low.

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