May 19, 2024

Abs workout for women are great for the core. One of women’s leading causes for body-related insecurities is their abdomen. The thing about this area is that it’s the first part to bloat and grow bigger once a woman eats more than she should, and it’s the hardest area to trim down as well.

Women have different needs and different body types and what’s important is to find the types of workout that will work best for them. This can be done by trying out a variety of abs workouts to find out which ones will deliver the desired results.

Abs Workout for Women

Abs Workout for Women
Abs Workout for Women

Simple Crunches – Crunches are the most popular type of abs workout for women. This can be done by lying on your back and lifting the legs while folded. The key factor in doing crunches is to just lift the upper body slightly-it’s as if the head is the only part that’s being lifted. What’s important is to keep the abdomen area tight while your shoulders and head are lifted off the ground for a number of reps and sets. It is also helpful to exhale while lifting the shoulder and head and inhaling once you go back to the original position. Visit us visaliaweddingstyle for more womens workout.

Ground Cycling – This is another widely used form of abs workout for women. The key is to look as if you’re cycling using your legs. This can be done by lying on your back and straightening the legs out as starting position. The next step would be to lift up one leg, while the abdomen is tightened, and to put the elbow of the opposite arm on the knee of the lifted leg. While the opposite arm is touching the knee of the raised leg, the other knee must remain straightened out. This should be done continuously without raised the head and shoulders as well.

Reverse Crunches – While simple crunches target the upper part of the abdomen, the reverse crunches target the lower part, which are harder to tone. This is done by lying on the ground and placing the hands either behind the head, the buttocks, or just beside the legs. The key movement here is to move your legs up and down while keeping the upper body glued to the ground. The legs should be straight while being lifted to a right angle. What’s important is to focus the tightening on the lower part of the abdomen while doing the leg raises. This can also be done by holding the raised leg on a certain angle for a few reps in order to focus on the lower abdomen.

Perform these abs workout for women on a consistent basis and you will see results.

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