March 5, 2024

Looking for Acid Reflux home remedies? Did you know that you could stop acid reflux today? Will you choose antacids, prescription drugs or a piece of fruit?

Most people choose antacids and if their reflux gets bad enough they may opt to prescription drugs. Unfortunately, these are the same people who will suffer from reflux the rest of their lives. And this is also the reason why thousands of reflux sufferers are choosing simple acid reflux home remedies and tossing their antacids.

Acid Reflux home remedies

If you are continuously struggling with acid reflux (also called heartburn), you may wish to treat your problem with a delicious, red fruit.

Why Antacids are Not the Answer for Reflux?

If you struggle with heartburn once a month, you should probably take an antacid to remedy the discomfort.

If you struggle with acid reflux / heartburn continually (at least once a week), it may be time to start thinking about a treatment that will cure the problem and not treat the symptoms. Let me explain.

Antacids and most prescription drugs work because they neutralize the stomach acid that is being refluxed up. You will notice the symptoms (discomfort, burning, possibly vomit) diminish. However, over time antacids will eventually lose their effectiveness. You may find yourself popping more antacids. You may also find that only prescription drugs now work.

Also, did you notice the warnings on both antacids and prescription drugs. You will find that you can only take the medication for a limited amount of time. If exceed the period of time, your body could start making a hormone called gastrin which has been shown to increase the risk of cancer. READ THE LABEL!

Eventually none of these treatments will work! And acid reflux will be part of your everyday life (maybe it already is?).

But there is hope, because you can cure your reflux by healing your esophagus and sphincter. Here are some tips to start your home treatment.

Steps to Acid Reflux Cure

Acid Reflux home remedies
Acid Reflux home remedies

If you suffer from acid reflux, you most likely have a damaged esophagus (tube that carries food to stomach) and sphincter (muscle flap above stomach that keeps food/acid in stomach) Although damaged, you can heal and repair both tissues with simple health tips. The first tip would be to only eat soft foods for 2-3 days. Depending on the severity of your reflux, this should be enough time to allow both tissues to heal. After 2-3 days, you can eat normal again.

You should also avoid spicy and acidic foods which can also prevent healing to the sphincter and esophagus. Stay away from these types of foods and alcohol, carbonated beverages and coffee. You will be able to reintroduce these foods/drinks back into your diet in a couple days.

You should also stop smoking for a couple of days. The chemicals and fumes in smoke irritate the esophagus. You can start smoking again on day 3. However, not smoking at all is the best option.

Drinking water after every meal does a few things. For one, it makes all the body systems work more efficiently. It also keeps the esophagus and sphincter clean. If the sphincter (muscle flap) is cleaned off (tight seal on stomach), the stomach acids and food will usually stay where they are suppose to be.

And finally, the fruit you have been waiting for… an apple! Did you know that you can use nature’s antacid… an apple to cure your heartburn. My dad has been cured of reflux for almost 30 years now and his remedy is a simple apple. Learn more about his story and cure at our website below.

Acid Reflux home remedies – in Hours

These 5 tips are just the tip of the iceberg for understanding fully how to treat your reflux at home. A wise man once wrote, “Knowledge is your best friend.” And he is right! The more you know about acid reflux home remedies and natural health, the more you likely you are to never suffer from it again.

To discover a step by step, 100% guaranteed, doctor-approved Reflux Natural Cure, please visit us today. For the price of 1 meal, you can say good bye to heartburn forever… guaranteed!

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These Acid Reflux home remedies should help you out today

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  1. Drinking too many sodas always increases my chances of getting heartburn. Drinking water is definitely the key to reducing my episodes.

  2. Hi,
    Great tips, in this modern day of fast food, also eaten quickly I feel going going back to the old days of properly cooked seasonal food plus sitting down at a dinner table would go a long way to reducing acid reflux and indigestion.



  3. Michael-
    Though I don’t try to pass myself off as an expert, it sounds to me that you may be doing TOO much for your acne. Repeated washing of the face each day clears off essential oils that your face naturally has. When you continue to clear the oil off, your body just makes more, so the more you wash, the more oil you have, the more acne appears. I would use some dial soap no more than once..maybe twice a day and don’t use clearasil. That stuff does the exact same thing, clears the oil so that your face just makes more. When you use too much chemicals, you just make it worse. Drink lots of WATER, not just fluids, WATER. Sugar in drinks is going to help cause acne. And you’re right, greasy foods and chocolate are just going to make things worse. So definitely keep away from those. Drink the water (6-8c a day) and minimize the amount of times you wash your face so that you can get the oil production back under control.

  4. So what can i do to get rid of this acne, Right now I’m just washing my face about four times a day and using clearasil cream every night, but its really messing up the skin on my face. I don’t have many acne problems when I use it, though. I’ve heard all the advice about acne like don’t touch your face, don’t eat greasy foods, etc. I’m doing all this stuff, but still having some problems. Is there a natural way to prevent this acne?

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