May 20, 2024

Why Acupuncture is a Great Alternative Therapy

Whether you want to believe it or not, there are literally millions of people located all around the world that engage in the practice of the alternative therapy of acupuncture each and every day. There are many reasons to practicing this alternative therapy that the Chinese instituted, too, but the best reason of all is that it actually has been found to work. On the same side of the coin, though, there are many reasons why acupuncture is a great alternative therapy to deal with. Here are some of the arguments for why acupuncture is so great throughout the whole world:

The Mystery of Acupuncture

Acupuncture as Alternative Therapy
Acupuncture as Alternative Therapy

One of the reasons that many people consider acupuncture therapy to be such a great and revolutionary therapy is because of the mystery behind the whole concept. Let’s face it: the idea that ancient civilizations in the Far East used this type of therapy to be able to cure the sick, help with many different illnesses across the board, and use it as a trade item is just downright weird and mysterious. Furthermore, why would the civilization who started it all want to take this alternative therapy to other lands, including the United States? There could have been great profits by allowing only the Chinese to experience the benefits of acupuncture, but now everyone throughout the world is able to experience them. Indeed, the mystery behind some of the questions and origins of acupuncture therapy truly contribute to how amazing and great the therapy of acupuncture really is.

The Benefits of Acupuncture

This was touched on a little bit, but acupuncture has a great deal of benefits that are able to be clearly seen and researched by those who are intrigued. Some of the common ailments that are able to be treated with acupuncture therapy successfully include the bacterial common cold, influenza, cholera, constipation, diarrhea, Depression, arthritis, ear aches, headaches, hernias, hemorrhages, as well as a whole host of other illnesses, disorders, and other diseases that haven’t yet been named. In addition, though many cancers may also be able to be healed through the use of the great acupuncture therapy! But there are also so many diseases and disorders that have yet to be studied whether or not they are truly helped by acupuncture!

Acupuncture is a break From Traditional Values

One other reason that many people consider acupuncture to be one of the best alternative medicines is because it is a chance to break free from the traditional values of our culture at least for a little while. While the American culture tends to shun anything new that is also unknown and cannot be studied scientifically, acupuncture therapy definitely cannot and has not been studied scientifically yet. The many benefits of acupuncture have not even been tapped yet since no one knows exactly what goes on in the body!

All in all, though, acupuncture is an awesome therapy that must be practiced in order to be kept throughout the ages. Even though there are plenty of skeptics around, the number of believers in acupuncture continues to grow everyday!

3 thoughts on “Acupuncture as Alternative Therapy

  1. All illnesses stem from a deficiency of essential ki of the zang organs. Localized
    symptoms appear when heat and cold arise due to a deficiency of ki, blood, and fluids
    (pathological deficiency) caused by the combination of any of a number of possible factors in
    combination with the underlying deficiency. The majority of localized symptoms that patients
    convey as their chief complaint are the areas affected by cold and heat. That is to say, it is
    common for the area of the chief complaint to lie along the meridian(s) that should be used
    for the local treatment.
    For instance, suppose that a patient presents with a complaint of stiff shoulders due to age
    (i.e., fifty-year-old’s shoulder). This ailment is commonly caused by Liver deficiency.
    Blockage of the meridians in the area of the shoulder joint gives rise to it being the specific
    area of the chief complaint. So, first of all you should diagnose whether or not the problem is
    due to Liver deficiency, and at the same time you must assess which meridian(s) have
    blockage that may be causing the difficulty in raising the arm. In order to do that you should
    palpate each of the channels and have the patient raise the arm. But, before having the patient
    raise the arm, ask exactly where the pain is felt. This should be done with precision,
    politeness, and gentleness. This information will help in determining the meridian(s) and
    points to be used for the local treatment.

  2. i am always astonished how Acupunture helps in dealing with my migraine. it works wonders on other diseases like anxiety and allergy.

  3. Acupuncture is a tradionation by chinese. By it really help a lot of people to release most on pain on the body . I have see the acupuncture treatment on my eyes. I doesn,t painfull but it help solved your pain on your body. I noticed that acupucture is also help people solved a porblem from major / big issue on health condition. Really good on health environment.

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