April 12, 2024

So your doctor has told you that you are too overweight to live long, unless you take time to do some exercises. You panic on hearing the very name of exercises, let alone doing them. In fact, you are not alone. Lots of people feel that exercises have to be long, hard and boring; such people fail even before trying anything.

Of the few who actually take the time to workout, most waste time and energy in the wrong types of workouts because they don’t have the right knowledge and goals; as such, these people also fail to lose weight. However if you take the time to read this entire article, I can guarantee that you would never fail to lose weight.

Having a Plan Matters

personal-planningImagine driving across a highway with no clear cut goals of where to go. What would you do? You would drive and drive aimlessly, until you or your car becomes too tired to move an inch. In the process, you have merely wasted your time (and gas as well), since you didn’t take the time to set a clear-cut goal of your journey as well as take a map of the destination along with you.

The same applies to weight loss. If you don’t know what you want from your exercise regimen, how would you know when you achieve the results? Setting a clear-cut goal of what you aim to achieve from your workout routine would not only give you a clear path to the destination you wish to reach, but also motivate you whenever you feel frustrated or fatigued with your weight loss efforts.

Setting a goal is as important as setting a realistic and attainable goal. If your goal is to have a body like Jessica Alba or Jennifer Lopez, you are not going to succeed because your goal is just too vague.

If you have a goal of ‘losing all the extra within a month from now’, you won’t succeed either because it is not a very realistic goal. On the other hand, if you set a goal of ‘losing twenty pounds within the next six months’, you should definitely achieve it because your goal is not only clear but also realistic.

Once you have setup a clear-cut weight loss goal for yourself, you need to plan your workout routine as well. In order to keep yourself away from the ‘exercise-related boredom’, your workout regimen should consist of a variety of workouts.

You should not focus on doing only cardios or only intense workouts; rather, you should be doing BOTH of them. When your workout regimen consists of a variety of interesting and exciting exercises, you would be doing a different workout each day. With such a “loaded” workout routine, you are unlikely to become bored, ever.

Sometimes, in order to break away from the routine, you may want to engage in some forms of outdoor sports such as cricket, baseball, tennis, etc., depending on your preferences. You may also want to participate in swimming, dancing, yoga, etc. Just like the conventional workouts, these activities would also help you burn fat and lose weight.

Lastly, here are a few extra tips for you:

1. Always track your progress with your workout regimen to make sure that you are really going where you want to go. If you feel that your current workout routine is not working as expected, choose something else.

2. If necessary, hire a professional trainer. In fact, there would come a point when you would need professional help and guidance. Don’t be mean with your expenditure at this point of time. Keep in mind that your health is more precious than your entire wealth and riches. If your health goes haywire, would you be able to enjoy your wealth?

3. Start with short workouts. If you have never worked out in life, it is best to start with a 15-minute workout, then increase it to 30-minutes, then one hour, and so on. If you start off with long, boring workouts, you would become bored and fatigued at the outset and quit your workout routine.

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