March 25, 2023

Often we will be hungry and grab a snack when in fact we are not hungry but just thirsty.

glass of waterI have to apologize a little bit here but I am watching Karate Kid and the movie is reminding me that we have to focus and listen to ourselves and our surroundings. Water and food are different but if we are not careful the two urges seem to be the same to your sto.mach

When you are sitting at your desk or on the couch or out and about in the mall you need to have a keen understanding and listen to your body. We are really often thirsty and sometimes hungry but it is surprising how often you will be satisfied by a big cool glass of water when you mistakenly think that you really need something to eat.

So everytime that you feel hungry in your stomach drink some of that water and see how you feel afterwards. Are you still hungry? Or was your body faking you out?

Go through the days today and tomorrow and, without stopping eating of course, notice your urges and eat or drink when you need to but make sure that what you are putting into your mouth is what you need.

Let us all know how this goes for you and how you are feeling and what you have discovered about yourself

3 thoughts on “Are you Really Hungry? Or Just Thirsty?

  1. I’ve started carrying one of those aluminum water bottles where ever I go. The mall is one of the hardest places for me. I’m always tempted to by a chocolate bar when I’m out shopping. But now instead I drink some water and it satisfies that need to eat.

  2. A good reminder! Thank you! Water makes up approximately two-thirds of your lean body , and is essential for hydration, transportation of nutrients, blood flow, regulating your temperature and other key bodily functions. There’s a good reason we’re told we’ll die if our body goes without water for more than a few days! If that’s not reason enough, consider that water contains no calories – however makes you feel fuller sooner, which naturally helps you eat less during meals. Water also helps to dissolve bad fats and flush them through the digestive system. Furthermore, many sources encourage drinking a large glass of water when you first wake up in the morning – as this will boost your metabolism, immune system, concentration levels, and your energy. Drink up! Wondering if you’re consuming enough water? …if your urine is yellow, you need to drink more water!

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