March 5, 2024

Natural bad breath remedies mostly depend on identifying and treating the cause of the bad breath. Of course you can simply spray your mouth with peppermint at regular intervals through the day but this does not get rid of the problem, it only covers it up.

Bad breath or halitosis has two main causes: a problem in the mouth, or a problem in the digestive system.

Treating Bad Breath In The Mouth

bad breath remedies
Bad Breath Remedies

Gum infections, trapped stale food, abscesses and problems with the teeth can all cause bad breath. Do not be ashamed to discuss this with your dentist, who may be able to help you identify the cause and treat the issue.

Brush your teeth and gums frequently and thoroughly. Brush your tongue at the same time. Some toothbrushes have a rough surface for brushing the tongue or you can buy a special implement for this purpose. Be sure to floss your teeth too.

Increasing the proportion of fruit and vegetables in your diet and reducing consumption of meat and dairy products will help to make your mouth an alkaline environment where canker sores and gum infections are less likely to flourish.

Parsley can help to neutralize the mouth and get rid of bad breath. You can either chew parsley leaves or make tea from fresh parsley, allow it to cool and then use it as a mouthwash every few hours.

Fenugreek is another good herbal bad breath remedy. Make tea by steeping the seeds in water, strain and use as a mouthwash or drink to improve the digestion.

Bad Breath Remedies For Digestive Problems

Bad breath is often caused by problems in the digestive system, especially the stomach. If you have a recognized digestive condition such as acid reflux, stomach ulcer or other stomach disease or disorder you should discuss this with your doctor. Your condition (or the treatment for it) may be contributing to your halitosis.

If you are not sick then consider making a few changes to your diet to help your digestion improve, this will help you find bad breath remedies. Again it will be helpful to eat more fruit and vegetables. Avoiding certain combinations of foods is also important.

Fruit is very fast digesting and should be eaten alone or at the start of a meal so that it can pass through the system quickly. Do not mix it with fatty foods such as cream or pastry. If fruit is eaten with or after proteins and fats its process through the stomach will be delayed. It may begin to ferment or rot in the stomach, causing a bad smell. So eat plenty of fruit as a first course or a snack but never at the end of a meal.

Meat is difficult to digest and can provoke problems if your digestive system is weak or slow. It takes a long time to pass through the system and may begin to putrefy. Reduce the quantities of meat that you eat and wait at least 4 hours after eating a meat based meal before you eat anything else.

Avocado is believed to have amazing properties for the digestion and is one of the best bad breath remedies, cleaning out and neutralizing any poorly digested food.

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  1. Hexeditine (bactidol) is very effective in preventing Halitosis or bad breath, that is why i take it twice daily.

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