April 25, 2024

Fox news has an article today about a guy that lost 140 pounds using a self created “Baked Bean Diet

A diet of baked beans helped Neil King to lose 140 pounds in nine months. In fact, since June 2007, he’s eaten more than half a ton of them, about 1,500 cans.

Baked Bean DietPrior to dieting, King ate a full English breakfast, which at its heart consists of bacon and eggs and may include sausage, toast, and stewed tomatoes, for lunch, and drank eight pints of lager in the pub after tea. King, from Halstead in Essex, England, made the switch from boozing to beans after being told he was at risk for bowel cancer. And his high fiber diet has been gas-free since he stopped having toast with his beans, it is reported. The diet helped King go from 420 pounds to 280 pounds.

Speaking to Britain’s Mirror, King said, “Some people think I’m mad but I love the taste and the has been dropping off.” King apparently eats six cans of beans each day, and has them with rice for lunch and with potato for his afternoon tea. His wife Cheryl told the Mirror, “He’s like a new man.”

Baked beans contain little fat and are full of fiber, although it is best to go for a low-salt variety. I like baked beans and ate almost one can one night for dinner last week but come on, how many baked means can you eat? How about the processing that goes into canning these things? I am always a bit nervous when I read the headline and then see that someone is overeating one thing, what about the rest of his diet overall?

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  1. black eye beans chick peas moong beans lentils r also very good for u better then bake beans i buy salad beans add some fish and cucumber into a wholemeal wrap its very low in fat and salt

  2. My college roommate who is now an MD did something like this one summer. At the time i was a competitive 10k runner and thought it was crazy. But, he ate his baked beans and chicken breasts along with a multivitamin day after day. He treated himself to an order of french fries and a beer on Saturdays, but other than that the diet was pretty strict. Around the 3 week i started to noticed that he was getting noticeably thinner.. It was at that point that he started to run with me. Once he started running the seemed to fall off. I was really amazed. He said he lost 25 lbs in the first month, then went on to lose another 20 by fall. When he started he wore a size 38 pant.. By the end of the summer he was in a 32-34. He still maintains his and has actually got really into running.

  3. Mmmm…I love beans. All the more reason to eat them in place of pasta, pizza and other high carb foods.

  4. I think this is a great way to control (as long as it is ballenced). If i ever feel like i’ve put on a bit of , i just add 2 tins extra of baked beans a day to my normal diet. they fill me up so i don’t snack as much and means i don’t have to cut out the things i like,

  5. Hmmm……I never actually realized that there was a “baked beans diet” as such until today. I have been eating 1-2 425g tins a day during the week for 3 weeks with a 5 day break in the middle when I was on a holiday (high food intake as well), lost about 5lbs or 2nd in that time, while still eating my usual unhealthy style dinners. All because I found out that baked beans can reduce your cholesterol.

  6. Keep in mind that all beans are good, not just cans of baked beans. Buy different varieties and fry them up with tomato and onion or other veggies. Or, buy dried beans by the bag, and make great soups using a slow cooker.They’re cheap by the bag so you’ll save money while losing . Mix it up a bit – but, only use veggies, vegetable broth and spices and stay away from meat and chicken or beef broth.

  7. I am also starting this diet – I am 5’7 and weigh 10stone. I’m trying to lose a stone before christmas. I’m not sure if I am going to manage beans for every meal so I am going to replace dinner with bean and see how that goes. If the doesnt come off quick enough then i think I will replace two meals a day. Along with 30mins of excercise per day hopefully I will be slim by xmas – just in time to put it all back on again! Good luck everyone!

  8. Hi to all of you

    I just read about the beans diet and I am very excited about it, because I love beans!!!!!! Sorry my english is not good. Since it is already 14H15 I will start tomorrow. Yes I know I should start now like in this very moment, but I already had lunch. Anyway it’s just better for me to start with ‘n clean slate so to speak. So I will start tomorrow Theusday 3 November 2009! There I declare it now. I will keep you posted. 🙂

  9. Hiya all – i am doin the “Baked Beans” diet, meaning this is the primary food i am eating – i have beans with eggs or tomatoes for breakfast, beans n pasta or veggies for dinner, n beans for t with veggies – try doing a bean casserole with tinned / fresh toms canned Baked Beans n any other beans or veggies thrown in – nice wi carrots ect.

    In no way do i limit how much i eat or how many cans i have or meals. I use Butter, pinto, harricot n black eyed beans for a bean salad – nice with onions, carrots and a bit ov balsamic vinegar on – really nice.

    I eat so much and am always really full, but the just dropping off.

  10. hello, i started the baked beans diet today.
    i had normal white toast for breakfast.. but for tea i had a tin of baked beans and a jacket potato..

    if i had. a tin for breakfast. and a tin with a jacket or without. would i lose ? please help. i am 5″4 and 11 stone 8 pounds. & i hate it 🙁 please help me in any way possible.

  11. Thanks Caren!

    I am definitely enjoying it and my family is reaping the rewards! I’m in perimenopause and it has been horrible but this week was really much better and today I’m even feeling better!

    My off day is today and I just had a serving of pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Lunch will be beans and salad. Dinner ribs, veggies, and dessert!

    Another member on the other site where I post has lost 63 pounds in 5 months! The diet definitely works because the beans are definitely stablizing my blood sugars…who knew beans were the SUPER FOOD!

    I bought some black beans (never cooked them before) and lima beans and pinto beans at the store yesterday and can’t wait to try some recipes. Making chili on Sunday and adding the pinto beans to that! Another thing that I enjoy is that I an cook a huge pot and eat on them all week which definitely saves time and MONEY!

    Good luck everyone and have a great weekend!

  12. puzzled why are you even on this site yes they might be only on 300-700 or whatever calories but what has it actually got to do with YOU why do u feel that you need to but in on a web site that is clearly not for people like you, do you not have ANY THING else better to do??? you know its people like you that were prob bbullies at school and always told other ppl what to do and i dont think your welcome on this page and i really dont see the point unless you just love p*ssing ppl off and if that is the case your sadder than i thought, nd just for the record hardly anyone is just one ONE tin a day most are on at least 3 and plus its there choice not yours so just grow up and F*CK OFF

    kind regards john

  13. hi monet

    that is Great, insulin resistance can make you feel horrible, nevermind all the other problems it causes, sounds like a good and healthy diet!!

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