April 23, 2024

I have a couple of cans of Beans here in front of me and it is interesting in looking at them just how much fiber and protein that they contain. One thing to remember is that the fiber in beans does not have a very balanced amino acid profile but the fact is that you can compliment the amino acids with some corn. If you are ready here are the numbers:

Heinz Deep Brown Beans in Tomato Sauce
1 Cup
4 grams fat
62 grams carbohydrates
14 grams protein
14 grams fiber

No Name Six Bean Blend (for making chili)
1 Cup
2 grams fat
44 grams carbohydrates
15 grams protein
10 grams fiber

As you can see both of these cans of beans are high in both fiber and protein. In my house when we make chili we always add corn to it and the deep brown beans? They are another side dish for us. The added advantage of having canned beans is that they are cheap to buy so it will not empty your slim leather wallet to eat well.

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