May 25, 2024

Fox news has an article today about a guy that lost 140 pounds using a self created “Baked Bean Diet

A diet of baked beans helped Neil King to lose 140 pounds in nine months. In fact, since June 2007, he’s eaten more than half a ton of them, about 1,500 cans.

Baked Bean DietPrior to dieting, King ate a full English breakfast, which at its heart consists of bacon and eggs and may include sausage, toast, and stewed tomatoes, for lunch, and drank eight pints of lager in the pub after tea. King, from Halstead in Essex, England, made the switch from boozing to beans after being told he was at risk for bowel cancer. And his high fiber diet has been gas-free since he stopped having toast with his beans, it is reported. The diet helped King go from 420 pounds to 280 pounds.

Speaking to Britain’s Mirror, King said, “Some people think I’m mad but I love the taste and the has been dropping off.” King apparently eats six cans of beans each day, and has them with rice for lunch and with potato for his afternoon tea. His wife Cheryl told the Mirror, “He’s like a new man.”

Baked beans contain little fat and are full of fiber, although it is best to go for a low-salt variety. I like baked beans and ate almost one can one night for dinner last week but come on, how many baked means can you eat? How about the processing that goes into canning these things? I am always a bit nervous when I read the headline and then see that someone is overeating one thing, what about the rest of his diet overall?

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  1. hi all, iv just haerd about the baked bean diet today so i thought id give it a go, iv been following the slimming world plan for a few months and have lost 1 stone, baked beans are a free food at slimming world so fingers crossed just eating them alone with some wholemeal toast will help me shed those pounds, please let me know how u all get on thanks xx

  2. Hi ive just come across this site searching for diets that actually work and after reading what everyone has put feel quite hopefull. In the last 2 years ive put on 2 stone and being only 5ft1 feel a bit like an umpa lumpa! lol ive been to the docs and got told that its my age,which i think is a poor excuse and besides im only 38. what is the best brand to go for? and is there anything else i need to know? i would really appreciate any help from anyone. thanks and good luck to all doing it

  3. we started the baked bean diet today.wholemeal toast 4 brekkie, beans and wholemeal toast 4 lunch and beans with jacket potato 4 dinner..hope this works as we are gettin married in 5 months so want to look our best.

  4. Hi Chelsea

    Good luck on the new diet, I found what works for me regarding the beans is the fact that it stabilizes my blood sugar, thereby eliminating cravings (well most anyway) Also seem to clean the digestive tract. Just as a point of interest, I have also started reading “the Gabriel Method” Which I found has helped me immensly, just about working with your body, not against it, because in any diet, as soon as you start feeling that you are depriving yourself, most diets start to fail.

  5. Well Guys, i too started the baked bean diet today. I am 5 ft 3″ and weigh in at 11st now. Last year i lost two stone by living off home-made lentil & carrot soup and followed the Natalie Cassidy dvd. However, i have since put a stone and a half back on and though i try to motivate my backside into exercise i admit i am abit of a lazy mare. Oh yeah!!! So, i’m hopin this is gonna work as a quick fix just to get me over the summer and back into my new clothes from last year. Good luck to ya’ll that are doin it. And plz be sure to let me know of ya progress.

  6. I guess if you are fat enough eating anything that is low fat and filling will shave off half a side of beef.

    I’m a body builder I use beans in my diet b/c they’re filling and low fat have a moderate amount of protein to which I add lean ground beef or lean ground turkey.

    Earlier in the week i make burgers and ground meat and through out the week i use it in random dishes.

    You’re doing yourself a favor if you stay away from the ones that are high in sugar. Flavor with mild amount of seasoning and the precooked meat at low temp. If you neeeeeed brown sugar skip it and use cinnamon it is a natural fat burner and tastes similar.

  7. I made up my own baked bean diet – 3 months ago – here is my diet – one 420 gram can in a bowl with a table spoon of chili pepper – 4 minutes in the microwave then sprinkle a handful of graded cheddar cheese one more minute in the microwave – then after that a table spoon of whole grain mustard spread on top and a sprinkle of salt – 2 cups of coffee (lowfat milk no sugar) one before eating one after
    no eating until 1 oclock very easy to go without eating to that point then small lunch and a small dinner
    if you eat before one o’clock you will get bad gas. 3 big cups of green tea after dinner. the green tea helps in not digesting fat (the proof is in the floaters) I lost 18 lbs in 3 months

  8. I have lost 1 stone in 2 weeks on the bake beans diet,
    Breakfast= 1 tin of low salt and sugar heinz bake beans
    Lunch= 1 tin of the same beans with a boiled egg
    dinner= I fry some onion, peppers in water then add the beans with a bit of curry powder or/and black pepper with rice or 1 small jacket potatoe (no butter)
    I cant believe how well its going!!!

  9. 08 / 03 /09
    25 Stone 5 pounds
    In 2 weeks lost 1 stone eating beans only on week days one and a half tins a day

  10. Lost 7 kg now, eating about 1 can of beans a day, mixed with low carb veggies, and meat or fish once a day. Still have another 10 kg to go. The plan with maintainance is to not eat it if it doesn’t grow, ea, bread pasta cookies LOL

  11. Hi, Just wondering how the bean diet is going and if you have been successful in losing the you wanted too. Also if so, how have you maintained it?

  12. I like the idea of this diet … might give it a go but i think you could proable cheat with some brockly, carrots, peas, or some cabbage … i love to make wraps out of cabbage leaf maybe bean filler good luck but the veg’ies proably better choice for viteamines

  13. Hi Laura & Louise

    I’ve also started the diet this week, 2 days now, can feel my energy levels increase, only eating beans though, no bread or potato, I have some tuna at night. From previous experince I lose better not eating bread or potato in a diet.

  14. Hi Laura

    I’m plannin on doing the bean diet with a girl at my work! How are you finding it so far? 🙂 Do you have a lot of to lose? I’d like to lose about 3 roughly, i think my work friend is the same. Maybe only 2 im not sure!

    Anyway, if you want to swap emails or chat on msn add me –

    Hope to hear from you!


  15. I have been on the baked bean diet for five days now, it’s much better than other diets as beans full you up.
    FOR BREAKFAST half tin of beans one since of brown bread.
    FOR LUNCH half or whole tin of baked beans
    FOR TEA half tin of beans with either jacket potato OR rice OR pasta.
    I did have really bad wind for the first day! oh yes”!
    I have been on the scales but i am not sure if i have lost as i am on my period. As like every woman, you put on at that time of the month.

    ~~~~~~~~~THANKS LAURA ~~~~~~~~

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