April 24, 2024

Fox news has an article today about a guy that lost 140 pounds using a self created “Baked Bean Diet

A diet of baked beans helped Neil King to lose 140 pounds in nine months. In fact, since June 2007, he’s eaten more than half a ton of them, about 1,500 cans.

Baked Bean DietPrior to dieting, King ate a full English breakfast, which at its heart consists of bacon and eggs and may include sausage, toast, and stewed tomatoes, for lunch, and drank eight pints of lager in the pub after tea. King, from Halstead in Essex, England, made the switch from boozing to beans after being told he was at risk for bowel cancer. And his high fiber diet has been gas-free since he stopped having toast with his beans, it is reported. The diet helped King go from 420 pounds to 280 pounds.

Speaking to Britain’s Mirror, King said, “Some people think I’m mad but I love the taste and the has been dropping off.” King apparently eats six cans of beans each day, and has them with rice for lunch and with potato for his afternoon tea. His wife Cheryl told the Mirror, “He’s like a new man.”

Baked beans contain little fat and are full of fiber, although it is best to go for a low-salt variety. I like baked beans and ate almost one can one night for dinner last week but come on, how many baked means can you eat? How about the processing that goes into canning these things? I am always a bit nervous when I read the headline and then see that someone is overeating one thing, what about the rest of his diet overall?

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  1. I just started a similiar diet called Lose 20 pounds in 30 day! Basically, you eat the same foods pretty much for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Breakfast a lean meat, veggie and beans, dinner a lean meat, veggie, and beans, etc. Then there is ONE CHEAT DAY PER WEEK, YOU CHOOSE! You eat whatever you want on that day and get right back on the low fat diet. I, too, cook my beans from scratch!

    I was having problems with horrible mood swings and insulin resistance..my moods have been much better and I’ve had more energy! I don’t think I could do it with just beans though!

  2. I am a huge bean fan. I get the majority of my calories from beans. However, you will get way too much sugar from eating only baked beans (at least in the US where they usually include a lot of brown sugar). Mix it up with garbanzos, black, pinto, Lima, white, etc. I have absolutely no problem getting 1,800 – 2,500 calories a day from beans – especially when I include baked beans as a dessert. I supplement with oatmeal, nonfat milk, and nonfat yoghurt mixed with wheat germ. The amount of protein, fiber, calcium, vitamin D, and potassium are pretty impressive. I am a long distance trail runner, and my typical week includes a minimum of 5,000 cumulative feet of elevation gain, and I have no issues with excessive fatigue or loss. Try a can of garbanzo beans bathed in Tabasco Sauce and blanketed with coarse ground black pepper. 375 calories. You can also mix in a half cup of nonfat yoghurt.

  3. I am trying this diet. I am vegetarian and I was eating veggie junk food like Boca burgers and other stuff. Instead of can beans I am doing this with natural boiled beans from the bag. I am assuming it will work with the made beans in the pot. I dont like stuff in a can. My diet is consisting of beans and fresh fruit juices and salads. Yummm….and beans are great!

  4. Puzzled:” It seems to me that you are a person surfing for conversations, jumping in and stirring, Just to see what the reaction would be, interesting hobby!! Anyway everybody here is just trying to find something that works for them, Obviously you dont need to diet, since you seem to know exactly what to do, and how much of. So I dont see the point of the conversation other than amusement.

  5. I love beans but frankly, isn’t this taking it to extremes… I know that beans are low in fat and have fiber but they also have proteins that the body has a hard time breaking down, thus the gas… I find it hard to grasp that the gas went away after cutting out toast with his beans.

  6. Hey everyone. I been trying this out for 2 months. Before I used to eat whole pizzas, sodas and fast food for breakfast. Just by doing this i lost many pounds. But I started the bean diet wif exercise to lose that lower belly pouch and guess what its working. I lost 26lbs since i started the bean diet and 35lbs by first cutting out the garbage I been spends loads of money on, fast food prepared by strangers. Six pack is showing. Good luck.

  7. I agree Rob thats the point of going on the diet, its the point of going on any diet, but I quote “Lost 7 kg now, eating about 1 can of beans a day, mixed with low carb veggies, and meat or fish once a day” Is not the baked bean diet in fairness, about 1 can of beans a day? That is not a diet, thats just plain stupid and taking a so called baked bean diet of I quote “King apparently eats six cans of beans each day, and has them with rice for lunch and with potato for his afternoon tea.” To stupid extremes why only eat around 300 cals a day when you can eat 1200 and still lose ?
    Which has been my point all along, you cant class, about a can of beans a day, a diet, that would suggest more of a mental issue then anything else, and my point was people should not listen or take that advice, and for some reason some people were willing to actually take sides, this person has fans for starving themself. I mean surely people dont sit and wonder that people on here are losing when they are basically pretty close to not eating at all? What more would you expect? To not lose ? Am surprised someone can funcation on so little, every time they stand up they would get dizzy etc. My guess is you couldnt do this diet well there version of the baked bean diet day to day without crashing and wanting to eat anything and everything you see every 4-5 days, because its not even a balanced diet, obviously there is a right way to do this baked bean diet, but it would seem that noone on here is doing it the right way?

  8. As a student, for the past 3 years, I’ve been snacking on stupid amounts of chocolate and pizzas. I started University as 8 and a half stone, and am 5ft.6, but after three years of this bad eating, realised I was 10 stone in March this year.

    Since starting to eat two meals of half a can of baked beans, plus one plate of vegetables a day I went down to nine stone, but can’t seem to lose the final half. I’ve obviously had little treats in the middle of all of this dieting, and drinking nights, which I assume are the reasons why I’ve not completely slimmed down, but it’s getting to be quite frustrating, and I can see that all of this effort has been for nothing, as unless I want to carry on eating only Heinz for the rest of my life, I’ll go straight back to ten.

    For the whole period of this diet I’ve not really felt hungry, and have had a lot of energy, especially in the two hours after eating, it’s just really boring and makes you want carbs and treats more than any other diet I’ve ever been on.

  9. ive been massively over eating for years, i am now exercising, eating plenty of fruit and vegatables, and whenever i am peckish i get a can of beans(the ones with the ringpull) and pop it open.
    Its convienient and alot better for me than snacking on chocolate, or crisps.
    And “Puzzled is right and valid Caren, you are under eating, and losing , BUT THEN THATS THE BLOODY POINT OF GOING ON A DIET PUZZLED

  10. Clearly states what you eat

    “Lost 7 kg now, eating about 1 can of beans a day, mixed with low carb veggies, and meat or fish once a day.”

    The quote means how deluded some people on here you seem to have fans for telling people what you ate works, surely you and everyone dont need to be so stupid to work out, that what you wrote what you eat you would lose , am sure if you went to a gp or dietitian they would clearly point out “eating about 1 can of beans a day, mixed with low carb veggies, and meat or fish once a day.” would defo make you lose and your under eating massively!!!! So I think my points have been totally valid!

  11. For those who know, no explanation necessary.For those who do not know, no explanation possible…… but still I cant help myself……so

    a) the apple diet does not consist of only apples (might be good to do some research)
    b) never have “I” said that I eat 300-800 cal a day, I eat until I am full, at 382 calories in a tin, if I eat 3 tins that is 1146 calories only in beans not counting vegies,(which is incidentaly the first time I’ve had to count calories……***##) ps have you ever tried eating 5 tins of beans a day, I cannot see that youll still be hungry enough after a week to do it, If you had known what I mean about calories not being equal it would have all made sense, that is why it is so easy to eat 5 packets of chips, consisting of 400 calories each and still be hungry, (which is 2000 calories) but eat a 500 g Beef (top sirloin, separable lean and fat, trimmed to 1/8″ fat, choice, pan-fried) which equals 313 cal per 100g making a total of 1565 cal be completely satisfied. ( if not could be a problem with bloodsugar levels and insulin, but that might be a bit much to get into……………………….

    about the delusion, maybe you could explain to me, i dont undertand??Quote
    œ29. Kylie says:
    June 16, 2009 at 4:36 am
    Nicely said Caren!!
    Proves how deluded yous seem!!!!

  12. How is it insulting? Are you all that stupid you think eating only 300-800 cals a day you wouldnt lose ? Eat 300-800 cals of any food tyoe you want, and you will lose , when eating only 300-800 cals a day of a mixture of food you will lose , surely you realise that? You go on to say about the apple diet already is one but not so many even 10 apples a day is around only 670, seems more of a mental issue you with you eating as little as possible! You probs sit eating the beans with a little spoon one at a time too? Yous are sitting happily saying that you only eat one and half tins of beans a day? You think thats a diet? Only people your kidding is yourself! You could still lose eating 1200-1500 of beans a day so why you eating only 300? Because your obessed and deluded

    Ps and the fact


    “29. Kylie says:
    June 16, 2009 at 4:36 am
    Nicely said Caren!!”

    Proves how deluded yous seem!!!!

  13. When Insulting people for finding something that works, and not understanding the workings of it, shutting up is the best thing you can do! Sorry, there is already an apple diet, not quite eating 10 apples a day, but whatever works for you.
    Also, funny that when I eat the beans I dont feel hungry, and have more energy than normal, so how is it that I am starving……..????? (ps. I dont use funny tablets and appetite supressants!!)Since you also know so much about calories, and how they work, you obviously don’t need to diet, whatever you do and know to be right must be working for you.

  14. When did I say I didnt believe in it, isnt this a debate? So shutting up is a stupid thing to say! None of you are on the baked beans diet, if your on any diet its the 300-800 cal a day diet! Why do you just eat 10 apples a day and call it the apple diet? Different name, same effect!!

  15. If you don’t believe in this diet Shut The F+ck Up and Move on…different things work for different people. If we want to try this, we don’t need haters telling us it won’t work and that we’re starving ourselves. Really, just move on! And to the bodybuilder guy…”If you’re fat enough…” Really? I think you’re “dumb enough” to just sit quietly and think about how insensitive you are…better yet, go play with your barbells.

  16. Not all calories are equal! Makes no difference at all because!!!! Baked bean diet isnt even a diet, all you/s are doing is starving yourself/selves thats it!! Eat 300-800 (which is what people seem to be doing on here) cals a day of any food, and with exercise you will 100% lose quick as hell (Am surprised people even have the energy to go for a run etc on 300 cals, youd be tired, not sleep well and have dizzy spells), what happens once you return to a normal eating plan?!? You cant return to a normal eating plan, your body/ies will take on and store all fats and you will soon return back to your old most likely even more some on top, starvation sums up what most are doing thats it!!


    ” Trev says:
    March 8, 2009 at 5:39 am
    08 / 03 /09
    25 Stone 5 pounds
    In 2 weeks lost 1 stone eating beans only on week days one and a half tins a day”

    Baked beans around 103-156 a half tin!! x 3 you do the maths!!! Surely you cant all be sitting thinking wow, a cal intake of 309-468 a 1/5 of his daily intake a third/just under a half of the recommended lowiest cal intake and hes and yous are surprised? Babies eat more!!

  17. Surely everyone must realise eating between one with veg and 3 tins for beans a day is around at most 800 cals a day? (a third of what a average male needs and not too far off that for females) All your bodies well starve and you well end up crashing and putting the back on soon rather then later anyhow, then theres all the health risk of eating less then 1000 cals a day, which you shouldnt be doing!!

  18. Hi Laura,well done to you for losing the . Ive tried all sorts of diets and dont seem to be able to stick to them or they just dont work for me. Hopefully this one will as i like baked beans anyway so its not going to be too hard to stick to. what i would like to know though if anyone can answer my question is how long do you do the diet for and what happens when you stop?? are you going to go back to the same as you was before as this worries me. i started it yesterday and didnt realise how much beans on there own fill you upbut what im finding hard is that i have got a sweet tooth and find it very difficult to resist cakes,deserts etc. anyway hope everyone is doing well x

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