May 25, 2024

Today I want to show you the best bicep exercises. You have two sets of muscles in your upper arm, the triceps in the back of the arm and the biceps in the front of the arm.

Biceps are a muscle group that everyone is always interested in. “Who has bigger guns” or “Show me your muscle” are things that kids and teenagers say. Anyway the size of the arm is more related to your triceps but these biceps are important for lifting stuff as well as rounding out the size of your arms

And the best bicep exercises can be easily done at home – another one of my basement produced videos will show you how:

How was that?

Best Bicep Exercises

Just as a recap the best way to work bicep exercises is by doing bicep curls and concentration curls. If you are really trying to get the most out of your workout concentrate on lifting heavier weights but don’t fall for the bigger is better all the time, never sacrifice form for more as cheating on your reps does you no good and can cause some really bad problems with your upper and lower back if you swing the weights up.

Another key to bicep exercises is to make sure that as the is at the top of the motion that you tighten your bicep muscle. This peak contraction will engage all of the available muscle fibers and no matter what kind of bicep exercises that you are doing the best bicep exercises are the ones were you can get this peak contraction.

One more Best Bicep Exercises

Best Bicep Exercises
Best Bicep Exercises

One of the best bicep exercises that I know is once that I did not do on the video was an exercise called 7-2-1’s these are an interesting exercise that works best with a barbell where you will do a curl but for 7 reps you go from the bottom to half way up,  7 reps from half way up to the top and finally 7 full reps. These are terribly hard and really get a burn out of your biceps so they are worth doing for sure even if it is an unwieldy 21 total reps on a set. I will do 7-21’s every third bicep workout or so and although they are not focused on giving you a peak contraction they are confusing to the bicep muscles so they work great.

So there are a few of the best bicep exercises that you can do. When you go to do biceps try to make sure that you are working them in each set until you have nothing left but keeping the so that you are getting about 6-8 reps or so to get to failure.  You can do bicep exercises about twice a week and try to them along with your back as most back exercises are using your biceps and you do not want to take that chance of overtraining your biceps.

Trying these best bicep exercises can make a big difference in helping you build an impressive body

3 thoughts on “Best Bicep Exercises

  1. Challenge this muscle group twice a week. Each set to momentary muscle failure and the results will come fast. Some static strethcing before and after will decrease soreness. great site !

    1. Yes I agree. The important thing about stretching is that you have to have warm muscles first. I always get nervous when I see people stretch before exercise when the muscles are cold instead of later when the blood flow has warmed the muscles

  2. One thing that is great about biceps is that they do not need many exercises to stimulate them. The bicep is a small muscle and they also get work when you perform back exercises. People have tendencies of overtraining their biceps with to many exercises.

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