April 24, 2024

The Bicep workout is the most important workout for many people. Besides the chest no one pays more attention to a muscle group than they do to their biceps. The truth is and the problem as well is with bicep workouts is that when you are working your back or even your shoulders then your biceps are assisting muscles.

Because of this there is certain things that are important in your bicep workout to avoid overtraining. You really can easily overtrain your biceps so watch these tips to avoid problems.

Four Bicep Workout Tips

Bicep Workout Tips
Bicep Workout Tips

Too Many Sets – It is very easy to do too many sets during a bicep workout¬†and not be able to still really push your biceps. I find that most people in doing sets try to get 12 sets or some stupid thing in for their biceps workouts and this is going to cause trouble as you will likely not do any sets to failure. Instead try to do two sets to failure for three exercises….at most! Really I thing that for the best bicep workout I would do two sets of two exercises each though to failure.

Missing the Peak Contraction – At the top of every good rep is a peak contraction. The peak is the very top of the rep where you are going to be flexing the muscle the most. At the peak of each rep tighten up a little bit so that it is even tighter before lowering your rep down. most people are just fighting to get the rep to about three quarters of the way up and they totally miss what makes the biggest difference between a good rep and a bad rep.

Wrong Number of Reps – The biceps are very sensitive to exercise and because people want to build the bicep muscle they always try to do too many reps in each bicep workout. You should only do between six and eight reps for each set for biceps but the most important thing to concentrate on is making sure there is nothing left at the end of the set. That sixth or eight bicep rep is going to be all you can do, even if you need a spot for that last one rep.

Do Back and Biceps Together – Most back exercises work the biceps a lot. Because of this you need to make sure that you are doing your back workout before your bicep workout. The back exercises like rows or lat pulldowns will really warm up your biceps so that you do not have to waste time warming up and unnecessarily tiring your biceps.

I may have not talked about any bicep exercises themselves here but there are more important things to worry about instead. If you keep these four bicep workout tips in mind then you will be able to make much better gains and have more productive and even quicker bicep workouts.

3 thoughts on “Bicep Workout Tips

  1. you know what that is definetley true i got it mixed up i thought you had your biceps targeted 75 percent but the back and the biceps are targeted 100 percent ill know what to do next time thanks for letting me know

  2. If you train back and biceps together, and focus mainly on compound moves for the back you can get by with about four sets for biceps- two sets for two exercises, or one exercise doing all 4 sets.

  3. The reference to working out the back was a smart tip. Working out different areas of the upper body helps build specific locations, such as the bicep. Limiting your sets is important too, you want to stress the muscles, but you don’t want to abuse them.

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