May 27, 2023

Best Chest Exercises are important t any guy working out. Your chest is a large muscle muscle group the more scientific term is the pectoral muscles. The funny thing is that for most people the chest is undeveloped because we really don’t use it as much as a arm muscle or leg muscle.

Best chest exercises are Bench Presses and Flyes

Best Chest Exercises
Best Chest Exercises

There are also different ways to hit the chest muscles using angles. Think about bench presses as an example. If you change the angle of the bench so that it is higher at the end then it will put more tension on the upper pecs, flat bench presses are great for hitting the entire pectoral muscle. If you can find a decline bench then bench presses on this will really hit the bottom part of your chest. You will find declines are easier to do heavier weights with and this is because there is just more muscle there.

When doing flyes instead of bench presses you will be hitting the chest more directly. do not confused on this you are still doing the same action and that is pulling with the chest. Flyes though are important because they are not using the assistance of the triceps or deltoid muscles so you will get a much more isolated chest workout.

Best Chest Exercises for Building Mass or Definition

Many people look at flyes as a muscle that will define your chest while bench presses are better for building the muscles of the upper body but I really do not believe this is true. More important is hitting the muscles from differnet angles.

One other exercise is Cable Crossovers but it is very hard to do without a gym. Cable Crossovers are great for changing the angle that you are gitting your chest at.

Finally the last exercise for chest is cross bench pullovers. There were stories back in the 70’s and 80’s that cross bench pullovers would expand your chest and give you a wider upper body, probably really not true though. The important thing about cross bench pullovers is that they are very good for strengthening your intercostal muscles, these are the muscles that sit on the sides of your chest.

Do Not Overtrain your Chest

To get your best chest exercises and workouts you may read in magazines that it is best to do 12-16 sets per chest workout twice a week. I don’t think that there is any way that you can do this many sets a week without overtaining.

As a beginner you do not need to do more than two or three sets of chest exercises after you are warmed up with one of those sets going to failure.

I would say the best chest exercises would be getting well warmed up and then do two sets of flyes, two sets of bench press and two sets of cable crossovers. The critical thimng is to work yourself up to doing as many of these best chest exercises to failure.

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