May 24, 2024

There are a multitude of best lifting exercises that you can do for yourself but I think that the most important thing that you can do is to concentrate on your core bodyparts and try to get exercises that will work those parts. These are the best lifting exercises.

best  lifting exercisesFirst thing to know when choosing the best exercises is to understand the difference between simple and compound exercises. A simple exercise is one in which only one muscle group is used, biceps curls for example. A compound exercise is one where you are working more than one muscle group. An example of a compound lifting exercise is bench presses which work the chest for sure but are also being assisted by the shoulders and triceps.

Why are Compound the best lifting exercises?

Why do you want to worry about the simple and compound? Mostly because using compound exercises will be exercises that will build body mass more quickly than simple exercises because you are working multiple muscle groups at the same time.

The next thing that you want to do in choosing the best lifting exercises is to remember that you want to have exercises that you can feel the muscles being worked and therefore know when you have exhausted them. for instance when doing squats you can really feel when your quadriceps are burning and out of strength, therefore able to rebuild and strengthen better than before, or Bench Presses burning your chest until you have nothing left there either.

So now that we have these two keys to judge exercises I will give you the list of the best lifting exercises.

Best lifting exercises per bodypart

Chest – Best compound exercise is Bench press, best simple exercise is Flyes

Shoulders – Best compound exercise is Military Press, best simple exercise is Side Laterals

Quadriceps – Best compound exercise is Squats, best simple exercise is Leg Extensions

The following muscle groups are more assisting muscle groups so the best exercises are going to be simple exercises. These muscle groups of course were being used in the major muscle compound exercises

Triceps – Best simple exercise is Tricep Pushdowns

Biceps – Best simple exercise is bicep curls, especially 7-21 bicep curls

Hamstrings – Best simple exercise is leg curls on a bench.

These are in my belief the best lifting exercises that you can do. Whether your goal is to lose or gain muscle it is critically important that you concentrate on these best lifting exercises as a core but to confuse your muscles you can change them up on a regular basis.

16 thoughts on “Best Weight Lifting Exercises

  1. It is most important to build up your core strength before attempting other muscle building exercises. And compound exercises work multiple muscles at the same time. This will give you better results in less time

  2. OK let me say if anyone wants to gain mass and strength employ compound movements and eat real quality food especially protein carbohydrates fats and take a multi vitamin and mineral tablet.Squats are the best for overall body mass and strength.
    this exercise will set apart from the pack if its done once a week and you eat like disaster.Focus on taking milk a liter every six hrs consistently and you wont believe how you will look .



  3. These are some great exercises, but if you are looking to tone up your abs. Their are plenty of exercises that you can do to accomplish this.

    Ab exercises not only targets that mid section….but if you combine it with cardio exercises you will be able to see a REAL difference in your abs. This is something that so many people want, but just don’t know how to achieve without all of the gimmicks that are out their.

  4. Hey, Patrick, nice comment. A good discussion is shaping up, lol!

    1. Warm-up is crucial
    2. Stretching is fantastic because:

    Static stretching was found to increase B-endorphin levels. Studies showed B-endorphin injections to increase HGH levels by 25-30 times!

    Static stretching burns intramuscular fat. Fat burning rate with intense stretching – up to 24 times faster than during aerobics. That’s why yoga and callanetics are so devastatingly effective.

    Weighted stretching causes hyperplasia – muscle-fibers splitting. This allows to blast any muscle and make it grow. And in this case we’re talking hard, dense and strong muscles.

    Fact: stretching is a great warm-up as it fills joints with fluid and greatly increases blood flow in muscles. Fact: stretching elongates muscle and thus relaxes it. Relaxing muscle before heavy lifting is a bad idea.

    Mobility warm-up as effective for injury prevention as stretching.

    Warm-up sets with light s as effective as any other form of warming up.

    Static stretching is the best thing for cool-down.


  5. Stretching relaxes muscles. The better way to fill joints with fluid and increase blood flow in muscles is doing full-body mobility exercises. They are simple but shockingly effective.

  6. Always make sure that you stretch before you start lifting s! I know for a fact that your chances of getting injured are great if you don’t stretch. So make sure that this is the first thing that you do.

  7. Great job in discussing simple and compound exercises. I have been doing both, but didn’t recognize the difference. Weight lighting knowledge is always good to know for building muscle mass and safety. Thanks.

  8. Weight lifting is very essential if you want to maintain your muscle mass. I see so many people that say thy want to keep their muscle mass but they don’t want to lift any s at all. This was a good post.

  9. I agree Julian. As the post suggests, compound movements are ABSOLUTELY the best way to increase muscle mass, but beyond that, I’ve found free s do a much better job than machines. Why? Because with free s you trigger even more muscle involvement, as your muscles “balance” the through the movement. On a machine, there’s no “balance” required, as the machine only moves in one direction!

  10. Great tips and even greater routine laid out here. I think the more we work with frees the more we’re going to see results. And that all involves lifting as you describe here. Julian

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