May 25, 2024

What is your weight lifting schedule? I know that mine tends to vary a little bit but on a weekly basis I believe for me, the best weight lifting schedule is to workout three days a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and on each of these days I will do weights.

As far as cardio is concerned I feel that I am ok these days with my bike partway into work and home and the only reason these days that I am hitting the gym is to do the training that I can not do otherwise.

One Day Weight Lifting Schedule

Weight Lifting Schedule
Weight Lifting Schedule

I have covered in the past what kind of workout that I will do on those days but basically I have been sticking to a schedule of circuit training that has me do three circuits of bench press, lat pulldowns or rows, lateral raises, bicep curls, and triceps pushdowns all in a very quick kind of set. One thing that I will just touch on here is that I do each of my sets to near failure.

The reason that this is a great way to work your body is so that you can work your whole body hard and have a couple of days off after that to rest. You are going to be tired after the workout but this way you can get a great weight lifting workout done in less time per week.

Do this one day workout two or three times a week

Two Day Weight lifting Schedule

Once you have been working out for a few months you are going to have trouble getting a great workout to your body with the one day weight lifting schedule and your are going to have to make some changes to push your body harder.

The other popular type of weight lifting routine is to split your body into two parts and work these parts on different days. The most common way of doing this “two days split schedule” is to do a couple of exercises for ech of your chest, shoulders, hamstrings and triceps on one day and on the next day do back, biceps, quads, and calves. This is also knowsn as a push-pull split workout schedule.

When you are advanced to the point of doing a two day split workout you need to be careful not to spend to much time in the gym and instead make good use of your time by supersetting exercises and doing harder but less sets to really push your muscles.

Weightlifting Workout Schedule to Lose Weight

For people looking to lose weight I still feel that this weight lifting schedule is very good. One thing that you will want to add though is some kind of leg exercises. To really push your metabolism up it is important to do weights against your biggest muscle groups and these would be the quadriceps, lats, and chest.

One thing to be very careful about though is your recovery time. Years ago I found that my workouts would be far to long and too often and I would always be over trained. If you start having trouble getting though your workouts, are sore before you even start, are not making good gains then there is a possibility that you are overdoing things and the best thing to do is scale back the workouts a bit.

So what is your weight lifting schedule? Are you lifting this often or not? What kind of exercises and number of sets are you doing?

Having a defined and perfectly organized lifting schedule will lead to better gains and losses whatever your goals are.

4 thoughts on “Weight Lifting Schedule – How Often Should You Work Out?

  1. You are right about working out your legs, this is something that a lot of people tend to ignore. I have also learned the hard way to let my body recover and get some rest, because this is where you will see some real gains.

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