May 18, 2024

I find that most people either do their ab exercises every day or never.

Some people do them a couple of times a week and I thing that that is a good plan but the way that they are done is kind of haphazard and not really in a way that is conducive to reaching your fitness goals.

To work your abdominals effectively it is important to have a set schedule to work them . Try Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday for working your core muscles.

When you are doing abdominals it is best to couple your ab workout with your lower back workout as the erector spinae muscles really are related and it is a good idea to keep the workouts together to stop one muscle group from overpowering the other.

An abdominal – lower back workout should only last around 15 minutes or so and include exercises for your upper and lower abs, your obliques and your lower back. This means that you are hitting four muscle groups and you can get away with one exercise of three to four sets for each, although you should do an extra exercise for your lower back.

Here is a sample core exercise workout

3 sets 20 crunches (work up to 30 as you get stronger)
3 sets 20 of leg raises (work up to 30 as you get stronger)
3 sets of 15 upright side stretches per side
3 sets of 15 pelvic lifts
3 sets of 15 hip extensions

As you get stronger with all of these exercises, and strength gains come pretty quickly, you can start to add or reps to make the exercise more difficult. I think that there is a lot of knowledge about how to do ab exercises but to strengthen you lower back I always rely on a fantastic page of back exercises at the Nismat site, there you can see how to do each of over a dozen lower back exercises.

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