April 12, 2024

six pack absSix pack abs. I have never personally cared about getting six pack abs but when I look around I see that most guys and gals really do care about having great six pack abs.

There is not anything better looking on a beach then a nice firm body oiled up with a tight midsection and ripped abs. OK, so maybe I do lie, I would love to have a six pack and now I think I know how I can indeed pull it off.

Well the book that is the most popular in the world of six packs is a $39.95 ebook that details everything important to getting your waist slimmed down and really building the six pack you are looking for.

There is a lie out there in the six pack abs world as well

Workouts should only take 5-10 minutes at a time not 30 minutes like some trainers would have you believe.

The real reason that people will pound out 100s of crunches in long workouts is that they are getting the idea of what exercises to do an how to do them completely wrong. Don’t continue to make that mistake yourself.

Initial Observations of Six  Pack Abs

OK, so first of all it always drives me crazy when I see an ebook about six pack abs and am supposed to buy it sight unseen (of course there is a 60 day no questions asked refund) and you do not know what you are getting, how long the book is and of course what will work and not.

So lets get into what The Truth About Six Pack Abs is all about and why you would consider it.

First of all the truth about abs itself is a very full 120 pages plus you will get 3 secret freebies that you will find on page 5 of the book.

The book Truth About Abs is a total of 13 Chapters that go into great detail of all the things that matter in getting you that six pack that you have dreamed about. No fluff and I am sure almost all new techniques to you.

Here is the sectional breakdown of Truth About Abs for getting six pack abs and the way I look at it.

Intro and how your abs are built

The Truth About Six Pack Abs really only has a bit of a preface and then goes into some really important detail about how the muscles of your midsection work.

Without understanding how the abs and intercostals work you have no chance at all in being smart about building your abs. Without knowing this stuff you are liable to get sucked in to lies that you hear about how to build six pack abs.

Types of six pack abs weights and workouts

Exercise is one of the two most important parts of building six pack abs. Of course we all know that we are supposed to do tons of crunches but that is not the whole truth and if that is all you are relying on you are screwed when you try to build your abs up.

There are much quicker and better exercises the you need to use or your abs will always look flabby.

Cardio Exercises and what works

Cardio is the second important piece of the Great six pack abs puzzle. Doing the right kind of cardio is going to drop the fat and help those abs that you are doing the great exercises to to show up really well.

A bunch of fat over great abs is still going to leave you without that chiseled midsection that you want to have.

Finally Michael Geary puts it all together as well. How much weights, how much cardio what and how to train your abs. All of this stuff is together to make sure that your workouts are long enough but not too long and are very effective.

Again I love to have a system that points out that you do not ever have to spend two hours in the gym to look fantastic.

Importance and type of diets

Diet is of course important for six pack abs and Michael Geary really goes into some great detail again making your head spin. Instead of just saying eat less, low fat or low carb he actually looks at insulin release and GI Diet principles.

What else?

How about cycled dieting and even some great research on High Fructose corn syrup which we just kind of accept in a lot of our foods. Actually the diet section in this book alone is worth the price of admission.

Oh, one more thing, Michael Geary also gives you a sample 10 day six pack abs diet that you could use or reuse and most importantly learn from so that you can put all the great ideas into action

The important factors in reducing bodyfat

Finally there is a list of a lot of tips, most are common knowledge for me for reducing bodyfat and getting your six pack abs to really stand out, but he is really adamant in here about changing the way you look at your workouts so that you make the most of them and stop starving yourself to lose weight.

This is a short but really great section  in six pack abs for sure.

Truth About Six Pack Abs Recommendation

So this is the part of the review where I am supposed to tell you to buy the book. I never see any point in reviewing the crappy products and I never review stuff that I am not sure about.

Have I answered all of your questions about this Truth about Abs book?

Do you understand now that it is not your fault that your abs are flabby but that you just listened to the wrong people telling you how to get six pack abs?

I really like this book as you have noticed. Michael Geary has packed everything that you need to know about getting great abs in the shortest amount of time in the shortest book possible.

If this book was your classic fitness book in the store full of fluff it would be 400 pages but here you have everything in 120 pages. Great value in the shortest amount of time.

Of course you only have to take my word for this once. The Truth About Abs is actually $39.95 and if you do not like it tomorrow or in a months time you can get a refund no questions asked. Actually the refund policy is good for 60 days.

I think though that you are going to love this book and it’s bonuses. Go on and read the sales letter now and see what bonuses Truth About Abs is willing to give you as well for ordering.

Thanks for reading this Truth about Abs review and good luck in your six pack abs quest.

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