March 5, 2024

Over the years I have seen a lot of flimsy ideas of how to get a set of six pack abs. The most common scams are special machines that will do it and sometimes some kind of drink. I remember at one point Slim Fast seemed to be showing chubby people suddenly spawning a set of six pack abs.

Anyway I wanted to put this notion to rest that there is some magic to getting a six pack. Sure there is some genetics involved in sculpting perfect abs but the two most important factors are diet and exercise.

What? Did you think there was a shortcut?

Six Pack Abs Diet

how-to-get-absThe diet part is fairly simple; you need to drop any extra fat. You have probably heard this before but there is no such thing as spot reduction when you are losing weight. You will lose weight proportionately, generally, as you lose weight.

What you may find is that you have a large stomach and if that is the case of course you will lose that fat faster than you lose the fat on your legs but that is just because that is where the fat deposits will be easiest for your body to use.

As you probably know from reading other posts of mine I subscribe to the idea that people eat too many carbohydrates generally but I still do not support the Atkins diet generally but more of a Paleo style diet with no breads, rice, or even potatoes, all your carbs should come from fruits and vegetables.

I believe that you must increase your protein to at least 20% of your diet, keep fats at about 20% of the calories of your diet and then have carbs as the other 60% of the calories of your diet. If you still have trouble losing weight and fat you may be a bit sensitive to carbohydrates and you can up the protein a little.

Six Pack Abs Exercise

As for exercise, to get a set of six pack abs you will have to do two things; get in an hour of cardio a day to increase your metabolism and start really dropping the fat and secondly make sure that you do your abdominal exercises at the start of your workouts.

For cardio exercise it does not really matter what kind of cardio exercise you get but it is always best to vary your exercise so that you do not overtrain any one muscle group. I never see people speak of this in regards to cardio training but I have found in the past with my bicycling that when I am riding a lot my legs get sore but the rest of my body recovers fine.

So maybe try to alternate some kind of biking, swimming, hiking, running, brisk walking and even using a rowing machine if you have a chance. Do cardio almost every day, five or six days a week is good, seven days a week is pushing it a little too much in my eyes.

Next is the abdominal exercises themselves. There are three places to target for your abdominals, the obliques, which are on your sides, your upper abdominals and your lower abdominals. Doing abdominal exercises is something that some people believe you should do every day but I really believe you are doing well if you just do them every second day or three days a week.

Six Pack Abs – Oblique Exercises

For your obliques you can do twists. Simply sit on a bench with you body straight up and down and put some kind of a light bar or broomstick across your shoulders and then do twists twist from one side to the other as far as you can go for two sets of 100 reps.

The key is to not use much at all as gaining muscle on your obliques will widen your midsection which is not something most people want to do.

Six Pack Abs – Upper Ab Exercises

To work your upper abdominals you want to do some kind of sit ups or crunches.

I am more a fan of crunches as they are easier on your neck and mower back. Lie on your back with your legs up on the seat of a chair so that your legs are at a 90 degree angle to your body and then just lift your shoulders a few inches of the ground and then let them down again.

This should put stress on your abs and you should feel it pretty intensely after just a few reps. be sure to do this exercise slowly and for at least three sets of 30 reps.

Six Pack Abs – Lower Ab Exercises

To work your lower abdominals you need to do something that raises your legs in the air as opposed to lifting your upper body into the air.

The exercise that I prefer for this is a kind of reverse crunch that I do not have a name for. I lie flat on my back and hold something behind my head to keep my upper body stable and then I just bring my knees up towards my chest and back down to the ground again.

If you get really strong this way you can try just lifting your legs straight out and up but sadly I am not that strong.

Transverse Abdominis Exercises

Your Transverse Abdominis muscles are a set of muscles that sits underneath your core and wraps its way right around your body. This muscle is affected most I find by doing planks and side planks.

Working your Transverse Abdominis is a finishing exercise as ince you finish doing these planks and side planks you will have nothing left in your to do anymore working out. Your entire core will be spent

Get Six Pack Abs Now

six pack absIf you follow this plan you will see results very quickly and depending on how much fat you have to lose you can see rock hard abs fairly quickly. The other great thing about strengthening your abs besides looking better is the fact that strengthening your core makes you stronger overall and help out with your balance and even your stamina.

Still need more help? There is a great book out called The Truth About Six Pack Abs. The book is an ebook and is only available on the internet. If you would like more information click the link and check out the Six Pack Abs book now.

35 thoughts on “Six Pack Abs – A One Page Guide

  1. I’m 17 I do a lot of cross-country running I attend the gym once a week and I try different exercises every 2 days to true and improve my 6 pack. I have the set my only problem I’m finding is that they are build up in centre and sides neglected how can I tackle this.

  2. Well what I really want to know is no matter how much I workout whether if it’s cycling or whatever I do not ever sweat. Can someone please tell me why that is so?Please I just can’t sweat at all!

    1. THE ONLY REASON You don’t sweat is because of your genes . its normal if you have it. Some peaople may sweat a lot but then again some people might not sweat a lot

  3. i am happy with this article but my problem is it is necessary to sweat because in my region the weather is cold please reply me fast

  4. I have trained and made many meal plans for all sorts of people. Something you need to know is if you up your metabolism then your fat loss will be greater. 1st-wake up at least an extra 20 minutes in the morning and do a cardio/aerobic excersise for that time, this will speed up your metabolism for the whole day and will only burn fat calories,NO MUSCLE.2nd-Detox your body, for about two weeks eat only fish, and chicken and lots of fruits no soda or alcohol even diet/low calorie. 3rd-make sure you lift using free s, do abs every other day or say but only do one muscle a group a day, for instence triceps/chest on monday and then shoulders and biceps on tuesday and so on. rest on sunday your body needs time to heal and repair. the first 3 or 4 days of the new LIFE STYLE (yes life style not a diet) WILL be hard but you need to be mentally prepared to have these amazing results. You will see a difference at the start of week 2 and if you dont just keep doing it.4th- During the first 3 weeks no bread whats so ever or peanut butter. try to minimize carbs and increase protein. but as you prgress you may want to add one carb meal a day such as a big italian dinner but use wheat pasta and lean chicken. Email me if you have any questions i promise this will work, oh and make sure you take a protein shake either before or after workout and before bed it will supply your body nutrients as you sleep and help you burn calories and women who are afraid of building muscle, it will make you look smaller until youve gained over 9 pounds or so of it. My Email is

  5. the best cardio is to run it works everything legs arms abs all of it. also do push ups what good are abs if your fat all over the place.

  6. Interval training, eating smaller more frequent meals and strength training are the key components that make up a successful abdominal workout routine.

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  8. hi I’m 22, 186 cm tall and 76kg . my problem i already try a lot of exercise to get six pack but I’m failed. but for your information i can eat what ever i want without gaining of so i just eat whatever i want. what should i do.. should i control my diet even though my not increase even i take a lot of food….

  9. In case you have not noticed, there is absolutely no reason to write to this log. All your questions, comments, concerns, and answers will forever be ignored

  10. In case you have not noticed, there is absolutely no reason to write to this log. All your questions, comments, concerns, and answers will forever be ignored

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