April 12, 2024

The Transverse Abdominis are a part of your abs that controls a lot of your core strength.

As we are all aware you need to work your upper and loser abs to get a 6 pack but behind all of that six pack muscles is your Transverse Abdominis and these muscles are what keep your gut in as well as helping you stand upright.

One of the problems with working the Transverse Abdominis muscles or TVA as many people call them is that there is not up and down type motion that strengthens them.

As great as the picture here is it does not really tell you the whole story (those pics were just gross) and that is that this muscle is behind all of your abdominal muscles and so when you try to work them it is more of a flexing of them not the kind of exercise that most people do.

Transverse Abdominis

The people that really need to strengthen these TVA muscles are people that sit a lot and that do not move around much although all of us in one way or another probably have weak Transverse Abdominis muscles. So I tried to find some exercises to strengthen them.

Once you get the feel of the following couple of exercises you should not have much trouble just doing this exercise standing up anytime.

Transverse Abdominis Exercises

To work your Transverse Abdominis muscles the best way is to lean over and brace your body against your forearms against a table or counter. And after this let your stomach lay loose.

Then suck in your gut (fighting against the gravity) and just keep it held for as long as you can which may be about 15 or 30 seconds. Do this two or three times with a few minutes in between then rep/sets and you will really feel it.

The next exercise would be tougher and that is to get down on your hands and knees and do this same exercise. since you will be working your Transverse Abdominis with even tougher gravity you will find that this exercise will be even tougher. This is the Plank exercise. Most of us have done this in the past or heard of it at the very least.


What can you expect by working your Transverse Abdominis muscles

I am not sure how well these exercises will work for you but you are going to find if you have a flabby midsection then this may make the biggest difference to tighten your midsection.

As I pointed out earlier the Transverse Abdominis muscles are the most over looked muscle in your abdominal area.

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